Smoking is not good for any of us. It affects not only the one who smokes, but also the people who live around them. Did you know that the people who inhale this cigarette smoke can suffer more damage than the one who smokes? 

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The ones who suffer could include your partners, children, parents, grandparents and even your colleagues at your workplace. Do they have to suffer all this? It is a question you need to ask yourself.  

Alongside, you need to ask one more question: Aren’t you responsible for your body too? I know some of you may say yes, whereas some of you just don’t care! Well, that is not the way you approach things. 

Anyway, here we are to going to show you ways- and these are natural ways to help your body get out of the clutches of nicotine. Of course, this is applicable for all those who are affected under the umbrella of nicotine. So, if you are frequent smoker, and you have a family of passive smokers (the ones who all inhale the side effects of smoking)- then you better take a look at these super foods that have the power to cleanse out all that nicotine that is stubbornly stuck to your body.

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# SuperFood 1: Spinach

This leafy vegetable is your pathway to good health. These tender leaves hold tons of folic acid and what does that do for your body? Well, folic acid has the power to reduce the absorption of nicotine into the blood stream and also the body on the whole.

Also, it helps to break down the nicotine content that had already settled in the  lungs and other parts of the body. So, it is a natural cleanser and you ought to eat a spinach based meal at least twice a week.

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# SuperFood 2: Pomegranate

You all must be familiar with this fruit, and it must be used in a lot of recipes, desserts, sauces and so much more. The reason why we included this fruit on our superfood list is that it not only acts as a silent but very powerful cleanser to beat the nicotine stains away from our human lungs, Research shows that fresh pomegranate juice can enter the main bloodstream and help to develop more blood cells within the body system. 

So, the more blood cells get formed, and this makes the heart more stronger. Strength of a heart increases and this enables to pump more good blood and flush out all the toxic blood from the human body system.

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# SuperFood 3: Carrot

Have you ever thought what happens to your body when you take in this awful puff of smoke? Well, I know many of you will definitely feel good right up in your mind, but actually – your body is not vert happy with this habit of yours. When a person uses a cigar or a cigarette, the effect of the nicotine is stuck to the body every 3 days. This will block your lung pores, reduce the vitality of your skin and that ends the story of your youthful look!

So, if you need to cleanse the body as well as bring back the bounce in the skin- please do get your daily dose of fresh carrots. Use it in the form of juice or in salads or even sauté it and include it with your other dishes.

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# SuperFood 4: Orange

Vitamin C is what you can find in an orange, but what’s it’s connection with nicotine? When a person smokes, the process inhibits the absorption of vitamin C into the body. So, what is the problem then? Well, when the amount of Vitamin C reduces in a body, subsequently the immunity power of the body will also reduce.

Once the body loses immunity power, it is prone to more diseases and hence the person will get sick more often. If you need to avoid all that, understand you need to drink or eat more citrus fruits like oranges, limes, mandarins as they are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

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# SuperFood 5: Kiwi

Like oranges, kiwi is rich in Vitamin C, A and also E. So, not only does it boost the immunity power of the person, but also with the help of Vitamin E- the skin complexion will also improve to a great extent. 

The chemical composition of the Kiwi fruit helps to subside the effects of nicotine on the body and the internal organs. It is particularly good for passive smokers as they too get affected with skin problems very quickly.

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# SuperFood 6: Seafood

Seafood of any kind is very good for the body. It is in fact one of the best foods for all ages.  Now with concern to smokers and also passive smokers, if such people make any type of seafood as part of their daily diets, then this would help the body in combating the problems associated with smoking.

Now if you are one who is allergic to such types of food, then please avoid it. If you have no problems, then you have the luxury of choosing from a variety of seafood like prawns, sardines, lobsters, clams, mackerels, red snappers and much more.

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# SuperFood 7: Garlic

Now, this is the highlight of our list and that is exactly why we had kept the best one for the last. Garlic, for years have been used in Indian cooking and it has proved to give a lot of anti-bacterial properties for the body. Garlic has a lot of natural and strong antioxidants that can burn fats in the body. 

Alongside, you must understand that it has burning properties that are capable enough to melt down  nicotine from the body. So, all that you have to do is that increase your intake of garlic and see it automatically gives your body some relief from the wrath of nicotine.

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 The Path to Healthy Living

If you have a will, you have a way too in life. These are natural methods that have proved to be good for all ages. So, try these superfoods on a daily basis and also stay away from smoking habits. You would be happy at a much later stage for doing good for the people who live and trust you always.