Have a love-hate relationship with vaccinations? Who doesn't. We all love the fact that vaccinations can protect us from deadly diseases, but hate the fact that needles are involved. As soon as a child is born, parents are faced with the tedious task of taking these helpless tiny tots for their scheduled jabs. There are a lot of vaccines offered free today in many countries. This is done to help eradicate some of the very deadly, debilitating complications that could haunt us years after we are disease - free. Below are some of the vaccinations offered world-wide. We have the complete know-how to vaccinations, schedules and the statistics and facts to help you make informed choices.

Thanks to vaccines, we can now safely say that some of the most dangerous diseases like small pox is completely eradicated from the face of the earth. It is not just children who need vaccinations. Most adults can also avail the benefits of vaccination. Please speak with your health practitioner in case you are thinking of getting vaccinated. Also, if you are planning to travel to a disease prone country soon, it is wise to arrange a visit to the doctors to speak about your vaccination options.