Time and time again our research geeks have surprised us and here we have a set of totally unheard , weird but super interesting researches that will leave you wondering.

All the researches are related to human health and actually, the human body is so much complex than we can ever imagine. Read right till the end if you like to know all the weird things your precious body is capable of doing and accepting.

Ahm,, just be ready for super nasty researches that acually seem story like- but yeah they are true, proven and great to read and understand.

Okay, get ready to be zapped!

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Zap to improve brain power?

Yeah, when I asked you if you are ready to get zapped, I was not joking by any means! This was proved during a recent research study at The Drexel University . You might find their findings worth enough to try out!

Interesting Facts About The Brain Zap

  • The researchers were pondering on ‘something’ that could stimulate the brain and that thought lead to the innovative brain zap. Heard about it?
  • Prior to this research, people around the world tried hacking and stimulating their brain muscles with ‘do-it-yourself’ brain stimulation techniques
  • These at home techniques included a couple of wires and a sponge or so and voila – their brain power was boosted. How did they do that?
  • Scientists reason out that not all people have found good results by doing on their own. But they have reported that small electric rays have treated headaches in a small way.
  • The scientists introduced the Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation. It is a non invasive method of stimulating the brain at certain points only. 
  • On trying this on various people, the results showed improvements in language skills, reflex strengthening process and also a memory boost. In some cases, i has even been able to fight depression.
  • Next question of thought: Is it ethical?  Well, they feel that if it properly administered at hospitals and under the supervision of experienced doctors, then people may be safe.
  • But if by chance it is practised at home, people could overdo it and it may have negative effects on people.

Point To Note: If you like a boost in your memory power, a boost in your emotions, and maybe an improvement in your IQ levels, then you can try it. But do not think this is a substitute for the daily pill that you pop into your mouth!

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Platypus: The New Lifesaver

Australian scientists have made a breakthrough finding at the CSIRO Australia , and it deals with saving lives with the milk secretions of one of the most unheard or rather unsuspecting researches in history.

Interesting Facts About The Platypus Milk

  • The duck billed, venomous and beaver tailed Platypus has always caught the interest of scientists since years. 
  • Now, in recent times, this mammal, has been the subject of research and it seems that it has a lot of super healing qualities that the world does not know.
  • To start with, when a platypus gives birth, it feeds its young with milk. But like normal mammals, it does not any teats, so then how does the milk reach the young?
  • Well, they have the natural capability to let milk form on their belly and then the young lick it off from there.
  • So, surely that milk is susceptible to a lot of germs, bacteria and viruses, isn’t it?
  • On research, it was found that the platypus has a certain type of protein that possesses strange but powerful properties to protect their babies from the bad bacteria.
  • What does this show? Researchers feel that this milk if used in the right manner, it can be used to protect the body from a lot of diseases. So it has scope for a variety of antibiotic treatments.

Point To Note:  You can be ready to drink some platypus milk in a few years from now! We really don’t know how that is going to taste, but yeah some new weird medicine is probably worth the try!

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Ecstasy Drug and Octopus: Believe it?

We, humans are those who explore any level of enjoyment and luxury. One such research lead to feeding the humble octopus with the ectasy drug and checking out how they reacted to it. Sounds interesting? Check out the details!

Interesting Facts About The Ecstatic Octopus

  • Octopus is one being that is not at all friendly and that is what triggered the thoughts of a researchers. How can you make it more sociable and lovable?
  • At the Johns Hopkins Medicine Centre , it was found out that a certain mood altering drug named as the MDMA can create a mood change from boring to super happy or loving in a being.
  • For this experiment, they chose four male octopuses and female ctopuses and placed them in a tank that contained the drug.
  • After 30 minutes, this drug was absorbed into the body of the octopus through their gills. Then the octopuses were places in chambers.
  • It was noticed that within some time, the female octopus appeared to be friendly to the male octopus.
  • They even exchanges small hugs and physical interactions during this time. The researchers noticed that this was very similar to how humans behaved when they took the drug.
  • The researchers feel that once the drug is taken it influences the social behaviour of these beings and that changes them being aloof to overly loving. Hey never show an aggressive behaviour.
  • But for octopuses that were not drugged, they were given time to socialize and mate.
  • Also, once the mating process is over, they swing back into an aggressive mode. So, in reality, octopuses are the not so friendly ones in sea life.

Point To Note: Not sure why this was tried on octopuses, but researchers have a point made. You can make yourself and someone else happy with this special drug. In fact, they feel it can evade the problems of depression to a certain level.

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Baby Feces: An Upcoming Probiotic?

Yuck is the first word that will pop out from my brain, but research is research and admire these guys for thinking such ‘dirty’ out of the box ideas. So, whats the magic feces going to provide us?

Interesting Facts About The Baby Feces Probiotics

  • The researchers at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center feel that we may one more exciting form of probiotics and that is from babies!
  • From  yogurt, to special artisan breads, and even some pickles, probiotics happens to be the buzzword lately.
  • Now, we have one more to add and they can be found onky in dirty diapers and yup, you read it right- Baby Poop That You Get In a Dirty Diaper!!
  • To start with, the body needs short chain fatty acids to improve and maintain gut health.
  • But often, people with illnesses like obesity, cancer, diabetes and auto immune disorders have very few short chain fatty acids.
  • So, probiotics, if consumed regularly can help the gut regain its own old strength in a natural manner.
  • Now, it seems that human baby poop contains traces of these acids. 
  • If these are cleansed, and developed into capsules, then this would help people enjoy their daily dose of probiotics.
  • Plus, babies are not in a stage when they would have contracted any diseases. So, that means the probiotics that you get – will be pure and disease free!
  • The bacteria in such probiotics will be alive once they reach the intestines. So, hey begin functioning and regulating the gut in a natural manner.

Point To Note: As long as the Human race is alive, and babies are crawling and plus they have loads of goodies to offer during their nappy change- we won’t have a deficit of any Probiotics. Gotta a baby in the house? You are in luck!

Hope you enjoyed these weird findings  and I will be coming back soon with more such interesting facts.