Women, have enough trouble with the menstruation melodrama, and as if that is not enough- they have to face menopause, vaginal infections and hot flashes.

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So, what are hot flashes?

When the estrogen levels get altered after a certain age, it makes the woman’s body temperature go all haywire!

That is when such an irregular body change occurs, and it is really frustrating, uncontrollable and unpredictable.

In normal cases, while a woman enters menopause or even before- they do experience small pecks of these hot flashes- but research shouts out a warning.

Note: If you have been regular hot flash sessions for more than three years or so- then that is not something you need to take lightly. Besides the pain and discomfort – these flashes could be signalling some really dangerous. What could that be?

Wait Up!

I know- when you read all this- you may panic and run for a frenzy search of medications – but you are wise only if you read further and understand about the problem actually.

The Research at NAMS

This is one solid research that was done recently and it does provide a new eye opener for ladies- as the New Year begins.

What do they have to say?

A series of studies were conducted with respect to this aspect and they were able to conclude one basic hard core reality.

Women who persistently have hot flashes have more chances to be prone to breast cancer, when compared to women who did not suffer that many frequent flashes.

What could be the reason for this?

  • They studied a group of about 25000 women based on Vasomotor Symptoms.
  • Vasomotor Symptoms (VMS) include a series of night sweats and hot flashes that women suffer during menopausal times.
  • The study showed women who had been showing continual VMS signs for 10 years and more- also suffered from incidents from breast cancer.
  • Though the link is still not very evident- the studies point out that the association has something to do with the hormonal changes in women.

Advice to All Women: If you have unexplainable physical issues trolling you, never leave to lie under the sheets. Bring it out, talk about it openly to your doctors and get the right cure.

Did you know there are cures to reduce such hot flashes? Yes, so if you can do so- you may just be lucky enough to step out of the doors of the world of cancer.

These are no tips given by the common man – but those shared by experts from the Breast Cancer Organization . They are a reputed non profit organization who educate and update the world about breast cancer.

What should you avoid to reduce the triggers caused by hot flashes?

  • Hot Showers can be reduced. Lukewarm water would be a better option to start with.
  • Alcohol needs to be forgotten
  • Same is the case with caffeine. Sad, but this is for all the coffee lovers- reduce your coffee intake and you will be safe.
  • Smoking hookas, cigars, cigarettes, or the new e- cigarettes is not advisable.
  • If you are on diet pills, bring it to an end. Instead go for clean, wholesome diet plans.
  • Last, ensure that your body temperature does not soar to high temperatures. The hotter, the more prone you are to getting those flash triggers.

Is there any safe nutrition to follow?

Oh yes, if there is a problem- there ought to be a natural cure or treatment or even a lifestyle for the same.

Some of them are:

  • Light food- those which are minimal on oils and fats.
  • Home cooked Foods
  • Vegetarian and low fat foods are most recommended.
  • Certain commercial products like ginseng can reduce the triggers.
  • Then an ayurvedic medicinal liquid extract named sarsaparilla is said to help women. But all this needs the supervision and consultation of ayurvedic doctors.
  • The usage and frequency of the medicine intake should be consulted with your doctor.
  • Depending on the intensity of problem, age, and woman’s health- doctors would prescribe the right dosage.

To Conclude:

Life is just one and you have a responsibility to look after it. So stay natural, don’ get stressed out and change your lifestyle. This will help you bring the most optimal results in your life.