Believe or not, but yoga does play a very impressive role in bringing down those anxiety bells that keep ringing in our minds all the time.

The Quiet Pacifier

Yoga is a silent medicine that ensures all your anxiety, depression and mood swings are kept at bay effectively. It is a very natural and healthy form of treating all your mental problems. A regular lifestyle that follows yoga is bound to have more benefits on the body than if a person goes for long walks or for jogging.

Yoga is said to have a better influence on the chemicals that work on the brain thereby tackling anxiety and depression issues of the human body.

Our body contains an acid called GABA or known as gamma- aminobutyric acid. This is the one chemical that keeps track on nerve activities. In normal cases, the level of GABA does not fluctuate much. But when the person is depressed, this acid does not seem to be reacting in its most optimal level.

Yoga and GABA

As per a research study done in Boston University School of Medicine (Massachusetts), it was noticed that after a few sessions of yoga, people were experiencing better moods and lesser anxiety. The tests were done on the basis of a couple of psychological tests and similar assessments.

The findings revealed a positive connection between yoga postures and the way GABA reacts in a controlled and positive manner on the body.

As per the study, it shows that when an individual practices yoga it aids in stimulating certain brain sections which lead to the awakening antidepressant neurotransmitters called GABA.

What do Yoga Practitioners Have to Say?

Any yoga practitioner does feel that yoga is good for the body, provided it is done in the right manner. Since this is a form of exercise that deals with our nerves, muscles and most of all the brain senses, it is highly important to ensure that the yoga movements are done in a well-studied manner.

If further research is taken up, that would be able to prove of the capability of Yoga to reduce stress, depression and help the mind survive problems in a natural way – without any medications.

Yoga exercises surely seem to open a new window to curing troubled minds and bodies in a more sustainable manner with fewer side effects. At the end of the day, age old home remedies and natural exercises are always good for the body.