The body comes in unison with the mind when it meets with the forces of nature like sunlight, air, water, and winds etc. Learn more:

Anything more refreshing than a fresh glint of light flooding into your room? I doubt it! And even more energising would be the a deep whiff into air to awaken the refreshed yet sleepy senses. Sounds like warm, happy morning, huh?

Not everyone’s lifestyle would help them to get get the luxury of developing in natural freshness, so which is why we today suggest a healthier mode of living.

This mode is simple, natural and yes- it is very refreshing! It is none other than the famous yoga exercise named – Surya Namaskara

More on Salute the Sun or Surya Namaskara

Most of us have exhaustive working hours and happen to dread the fact of getting up early morning. And if you are not a morning person at all, early mornings need not be so refreshing to your mind and body.

Now here we encourage you to get up early in the morning and experience the early morning goodness- as according to yoga practitioners – the Sun contributes to a collection of twelve asanas. Spend time with the sun, embrace its goodness and you will be amazed how your body responds positively and rejuvenates to the effects of the sun’s rays.

Benefits of the Namaskara

Salute: The salute position of the Surya Namaskara is said to directly sync to the middle portion of our human body. This means as you take in a breath and at the same time, stretch and do the exercise, it helps to expel the toxins and activate the body senses.

Twelve in One: This is why Surya Namaskara aids in bringing the mind along with the body and refreshes the entire body from inside. This exercise includes a complete set of 12 yoga poses that are meant to target different parts of the body.

Weight Loss: Yoga does not melt those calories at one shot unlike other exercises. It follows a slow and steady pattern of cardiovascular workouts that have the effect on burning our those abdominal fats also. So, stay positive and shed those kilos.

Glow: The touch of sunlight can give you the daily shot of natural vitamin D. This gives a uniform glow and vitality to the whole body skin. Just a few minutes in the sun- can actually keep you from using less make up and give a healthy glowing skin and the right tan to make you look gorgeous.

Heal those joints: Joint pain is something we all come across at some point of life. The postures included in the Surya Namaskara are simple but stretch the muscles, making it more flexible. It is also beneficial during pregnancy.

Anxiety reliever: A regular breathing exercise can calm those stressed nerves. It helps you deal with daily problems, or maybe some fights both in your professional or personal life – in a much better and calmer manner.

This just gives a glimpse of how Surya Namaskara benefits the body. This is just the tip of the iceberg. live green, and use the natural resources to keep yourself fit.