Our brain is synced to the pain that the body experiences. So, if you do experience chronic pain- it may affect the brain reflexes in the long run. A recent study done by the National Institute of Health revealed that yoga acts as a crucial factor in placing a relief on the brain when the body is in pain.

Excessive pain can lead to situations of impairments and any related issues connected to the brain nerves and its general anatomy.

According to the study conducted in the Division of Intramural Research- the National Centre for Complimentary and Integrative Health (NIH); it was found that patients who suffer from a lot of anxiety have a higher chance of experiencing cognitive function impairment.

The Grey and The White

Our brain when scanned through imagining tools- will show a mix of white areas and grey areas. The white matter and the grey matter are reasonably divided equally. But if a doctor scans a depressed patient, it can be noticed that the grey matter will be lesser than the white portion. As the person experiences more anxiety, this grey patch decreases.

This is definitely not a good sign as, such a finding, stands to be a vivid indication that the brain is slowly going into an unhealthy mode. The grey portion composes of brain tissues that lie in the cerebral cortex areas and are responsible for certain functions like emotional stability, memory power, and also cognitive power.

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How can you empower the brain?

When we face a situation whereby the brain cannot function to its optimal level, we really need to help it out. So what’s the solution? We need to help the brain fight depression and bring back the mental stability of the individual.

Yoga is one fine mode used by health and fitness practitioners for ages. Research has revealed that people who seem to perform yoga on a regular basis have been observed to have more grey matter than white matter – which is a healthy sign.

You should know more about yoga and its attributes, in order to practice it in its full goodness. If yoga is practised with the right mind and soul, it does alter the brain anatomy to a considerable extent.

What does Yoga do?

It calms the mind and body though simple exercises.

The body is made to tolerate pain, mood swings and natural changes slowly but steadily.

The gentle movements and breathing exercises cleanses the internal organs, releases the toxins that are accumulated in the body.

Over regular practice, yoga seems to protect the grey matter of the human brain thereby strengthening its mental power to think and handle both physical and emotional pain in a controlled manner.

Practice Yoga, Live Simple and Protect your brain.