Overtime, as our body ages and the blood composition differs at different phases of life. This depends on our ages, diseases, food habits, lifestyle patterns, and perhaps a lot of hereditary factors also. So, eventually what happens is that as we get older – there are chances that our body nerves and muscles could get inflamed.

How can we reduce such inflammations in the most natural way?

Can Yoga Subside Inflammations?

Yoga exercises if practised regularly, can reduce certain compounds present in our blood, whereby it can expel the toxins that get deposited in our body. A couple of studies have been taken up by the Ohio University and its research was later published in the journal named Psychosomatic Medicine. As per this study, it was found that our body contained a certain component called Cytokine Interleukin-6 (IL-6) and this is present in our blood.

For the study, two groups of women were taken into consideration. One group includes who were highly stressed and did not practice yoga. Another group of women who were equally stressed and of the same age, but the only difference is that – they practised various yoga postures.

How strong is your IL-6?

This is a very important response factor of the body. It is the one that regulates the inflammatory response of the body.

The more inflammations, the more adversely it affects our internal organs.

Certain common health problems that arise from such regular inflammations can be listed as type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis and stroke.

Now if your inflammatory senses are relatively stable, inflammations will be reduced and that would surely help in maintaining your health in a stable and steady manner. Also, one aspect the study showed that the people who practised yoga, even before the study began, were not too so tensed. So this is one prime evidence to prove that yoga is actually making the brain strong and less sensitive to daily problems that spurt in life.

Yoga Combats Inflammation

Even if serious issues come up in life, people and specially women who practise yoga regularly will be able to cope up with problems and handle stress in life in a better planned manner.

This would indicate that the body nerves would be less inflamed, and people can eventually train their mind and emotional senses to handle stress in the best possible way.

Yoga experts say that regular use of yoga will aid the mind and body to be fine tuned to dealing with stress and other external pressures like depression, emotional breakdowns, and such similar issues in a more organized manner without mentally collapsing.

Life is Short, Stay Calm by Practising Yoga in the manner that suits your lifestyle.