A skip of a beat and a pinch of pain in your heart and lung area can set panic waves around you. We know that the world will change for anyone in a couple of minutes- once they witness a heart disease.

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So, that is when researchers sat to find a natural solution for any type of cardiovascular disease.  Heart diseases of various kinds are a part and parcel of today’s modern life. As per people are switching to the organic and healthy mode of life, research takes up new studies to find the food that can help cure cardiovascular diseases.

Study Conducted

As per the American Journal of Hypertension, a study was done to find that when a person consumed yogurt, it can be really beneficial for people who have a cardiovascular diseases. This is particularly beneficial for people who are very hypertensive in nature.

Since this happens to be one of the leading causes of death in most well developed countries, it is essential that people are given alternate solutions for the same. And by alternate, the medical researchers feel that if a small change in diet is formed, this could help such people a great deal.

The Expert Advice 

The more yogurt, the better for your heart

The scientists feel that yogurt is really good for the body and; the more yogurt a person has – it will lend its benefits into the human body system.

To understand this further, you need to know what are the problems a person will face hand in hand with any common cardiovascular problem.

Heart Attacks

Coronary artery diseases

Heart Valve Diseases

Pericardinal Diseases

Heart Failures

Vascular Diseases

Heart Muscle Disease or Cardiomyopathy

Aorta disease and Marfan Syndrome

Apart from this another risk that follows a cardiovascular disease is the problem of high blood pressure. 

This is a great threat that is posed by the heart diseases in general. Since this is something commonly noticed, the studies were aimed at finding how to cure the problem of blood pressure.

The Yogurt and Cardio Relation: New research Finding

Research shows that high blood pressure is a menace that is affecting many people around the world. Another reality that  research came across was that prolonged cases of high blood pressure will eventually lead to cardio vascular related problems.

Yogurt is said to have curative properties that will bring a bit of ease to the cardio related disorders and diseases. Along with cardio problems, it can also solve type 2 diabetes, hypertension and also the problem of insulin resistance.

During this period of study more than 55,000 females within the age group of 30- 60 years and about 18000 males within the age groups of 40- 80 years of age were taken into consideration.

Also various questionnaires that were carried to find out the type of diets they followed, and also if they have any sort of food allergies.  After this, a slight change was made in their daily diet. This was inclusion of yogurt into their daily meals. This change which included yogurt inclusion was given to a half the group only.

Then the changes were recorded on a daily basis. The results showed a lot of positive signs like

  • The cardiovascular patients were made to have 2 servings of yogurt every week. This intake benefited many women and they had reported of lesser cases of performing re vascularization. Over the period of a few months, fewer cases were reported for stroke and also coronary heart disease. 
  • Though the cardio vascular disease had not been brought under control, it had reduced significantly and this had brought a lot of relief to the patients.
  • Researchers say that yogurt is key to building a good and healthy body for all ages. It helps to not only strengthen the heart muscles, and along side it helps to flush out the toxins of the body. Apart from this, yogurt when eaten fresh, and with no sweeteners- has the power to wipe out the bad bacteria from our body system.
  • Apart from the heart muscles, even the gut becomes healthy and this boosts the level of immunity and digestion pattern of the patient.

Now for those who plan to stay healthy and still are confused as to how to include yogurt into your diet, we have a few tips.

  • Start your day with a glass of yogurt blended along with any one fruit of your choice. It could be strawberries or blueberries.
  • If you get small hunger pangs in between, just enjoy a few dollops of cold yogurt along with a drizzle of maple syrup and dry fruits.
  • It’s lunch time and if you are wondering what can include a cup of yogurt into your meals we’ll guide you. Take a bowl of yogurt and mix a handful of cucumbers, carrots, boiled peas and potatoes and some chopped fried bacon or sausage. Wasn’t that easy!
  • Now, if you are a vegetarian, we suggest you to substitute the bacon and sausages with roasted pumpkin cubes, or some roasted artichokes and that will give a yummy bowl.
  • None of these are cumbersome and you can prepare all of them ahead and store in the refrigerator.  Enjoy your cold salad at ease now.
  • Yearning for snacks? You can mix in some chopped coriander or dill leaves and minced garlic with yogurt and use as a dip for the toasted bread sticks or tortillas.
  • The list never ends here. When yogurt is stashed up in your refrigerator, you have plenty of choices for quick meals.
  • Never close the pantry without a nice dinner. For this, we suggest you make chicken sandwiches – the way you like. But just substitute the mayo with yogurt. You can do the same with vegetarian sandwiches, or tuna or egg sandwiches.

Whatever you do with yogurt, just make sure that you eat only fresh, pure and unflavoured type of yogurt. These are the best for health. The flavoured might feel tastier for the palate, but it will be as beneficial for the body as much the plain ones are. So, stay simple and eat good food.

The choices are plenty and if health seems to be prime most in your mind- you will never out of ideas. Keep filled and stay away from those cardio vascular problems.