Chubby babies are cute. This has become the norm these days. Any ad that features a baby in it subconsciously promotes the same idea. New mothers worry if their infants are eating enough, and even sometimes tend to over feed.

Image Source: IANS

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A new study from the University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests that infants born with a high birthweight are more likely to become obese as children. The research found that children born on the heavier side of the scale (above 10 pounds at term) were 69% more likely than average weight children to be obese by the time they start kindergarten.

The researchers suggested that pediatricians need to give advice and counsel to parents of high birth weight babies,helping them make informed decisions on good lifestyle habits. Some other factors that can help tackle childhood obesity are

  • Reducing television viewing
  • Encouraging physical activity
  • Avoiding artificially sweetened drinks and juice
  • Subsituting junk food with healthy options like fruit or nuts
  • Avoid snacking frequently instead offfer timely meals

Pregnancy obesity-a factor

Overweight mothers can also contribute to childhood obesity in their offspring. Mothers who consumed more than 156 grams of refined grains were responsible for making their children gain weight beyond control. The children became obese thus making them unhealthy. This was particularly noticed in pregnant women who a lot of white rice in their daily meals. Being overweight during pregnancy can lead to a poor lung health and even cerebral palsy in children.

Overweight mothers also have a high chance of developing gestational diabetes. Over eating automatically gave way to depositing fat in their body and in turn made such women prone to various heart diseases, obesity and even type 2 diabetes. Eating right and feeding right is key for healthy future generation.