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New Delhi, Feb 12 : Surprise your loved ones with these scpecially curated cocktails recipes shared by experts :

Swipe right for love
30ML Tequila
15ML Triple Sec
60ML Rosé Wine
15ML Fresh lime juice
Combine all ingredients into a shaker and shake over ice for 10-15 Seconds
Fine strain all the ingredients into a coupé glass
Garnish with a slice of orange
A Certified Mindblower
30ML White Rum
30ML Irish Whiskey
1 sprig of basil
Handful of Strawberries
15ML Lime Juice
Muddle strawberries in a shaker tin
Combine all ingredients into the shaker and shake over ice for 10-15 seconds
Fine strain all the ingredients into an old fashioned glass
Garnish with a strawberry and slice of orange held together with a toothpick
Shared by Bhavya Verma, Assistant Manager F&B, Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru ORR
Vodka Cranberry
1½ Parts Absolut Vodka
5 Parts Cranberry Juice
1 Wheel Lime
Ice Cubes
How to mix
Fill a highball glass with ice cubes. Add all ingredients. Garnish with a lime wheel.

Image Source: IANS News

Smithfield Grocer Ingredients
½ bottle of Jameson
1 litre of pomegranate juice
50g of chopped ginger
The zest and juice of 3 limes
50g of sugar
250ml of ginger beer Pomegranate seeds
Sliced limes
How to mix
Combine 1 litre pomegranate juice, 50g chopped ginger, zest and juice of 3 limes and 50g sugar into a blender. Blend everything up and sieve the mixture into a jug. Add ½ bottle Jameson and 250ml ginger beer. Serve in a short glass over ice. Garnish with lime slices and pomegranate seeds.

Monkey 47 Gin Julep Ingredients
5 cl Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin
1 cl simple syrup
15 mint leaves
How to mix
Muddle all ingredients, shake it with ice cubes and double-strain into a silver mug filled with crushed ice. Garnish it with a mint leave.

Shared by Pernod Ricard

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