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February 14 : Today is a day dedicated to all the lovers around the globe. Yes, it is Valentine’s Day, and, do make sure you express your love to all who are dear to you. Well, the famous V- Day is not about wishes from boyfriend to girlfriend or wife to husband, but much more. Okay, without keeping the suspense boiling any further, here we would like to share on certain must know colour codes for Valentine Day. You surely can wear the colour of choice for this special day, but before you do so – understand that each shade of colour has a specific meaning.

Must know - Ten Colour Codes for Valentine’s Day and their Hidden Meanings

Orange: All ready to propose to that special one

Green: Still Waiting for the perfect soulmate

Blue: You are invited to give in your expression of love

Purple or Grey: Nope, not my type

White: Hey, I am already booked!

Pink: Wow! Your Proposal has been accepted!

Red: I am in Love and am all ready to be yours!

Black: Sorry, You are rejected

Yellow: Umm, we just broke up!

Brown: Sad, down, dejected

Guess, we broke down the colour puzzle down into an easy format. Now, surely, this would make you extra thoughtful and choosy about what colour you need to wear. Don’t let wrong meanings get across to the person you love. If you dress with the right colour code, you could exchange your feelings – and well, half the work is done.

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