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February 15 : After all the roses, chocolates, hugs, and kisses, and oodles of mushy love, we are slowly moving into a phase of Anti- Love. This means, after Feb 14 onwards, the world will get to witness weird days like Slap Day, Kick Day, Missing Day and lots more! If you think, these may be useful for you or your friends, get a peep into our page and see what’s this all about!

On February 15, 2020, the world will celebrate – Happy Slap Day 2020. This is the beginning of the Anti- Valentine Week 2020. This day came about when partners found out that they could be just a second choice for their special one,

Mostly, during Valentine's Week, a lot of flirting, casual flings, gift exchanges, and rumors keep buzzing in the community. So, by chance, if such unpleasant cheat cases are heard, this may result in an ugly confrontation, So, for this, people created a day for slaps and tears, by naming it – The Slap Day.

Purpose of the Happy Slap Day 2020

It is to be understood that this is not a day that was formed to bring out one’s anger. But, instead, this is a day, when one partner can let the other person know – that they are aware of these unethical relationship acts. So, as a reminder and a small dose of their frustrations, they could give a slap.

So, that said, if this slap could bring in trust, a hug, a huge Sorry – then that would certainly be good for all.

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