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Mumbai, May 18 : Singer-composer Ayaz Ismail says the world is currently in a "bizarre situation", but he has full faith in God. He is now set to release an Eid song.

"The world is in a bizarre situation at the moment. We are suddenly spending more time with our families, and some are getting depressed, we are getting worried but we can always connect to God. We can ask him for our well-being. 'Mushkil Kusha' is a song where we celebrate all these emotions. We just want all the worries to go away and get back to normal," he said.

Image Source: IANS News

"'Muskil Kusha' is very special. The melody came in very naturally. I was humming it throughout the day and while in shower, the layering of the song came, and I instantly grabbed my phone (while in shower) and recorded the main chorus of it. It was divine," he added.

It is set for a May 23 release.

Owing to the ongoing lockdown and different locations, FaceTime and calls played important roles in putting the song together.

"It was fun actually," he said.

"Raaj who is based in Mumbai and has his own studio there, is like a brother to me. He guided me to work on this track," said Ayaz.

The track is written by Amin Vailgy, who had written "Wirdd" sung by Javed Ali.

"Amin and I have collaborated after two years for this new Sufi track," he said.

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