Mumbai, May 29 : Hollywood actor Adrian Grenier and actress Dia Mirza recently engaged in a conversation about the power of personal choice and its impact on the planet.

The "Entourage" actor was a guest on Dia's weekly virtual session #DownToEarthWithDee.

Their conversation delved straight into the heart of the global issue people are faced with in the pandemic.

Grenier has a pragmatic approach, admitting that "sometimes we gotta hit rock bottom in order to wake up".

"We were the ones cruel to nature. And nature has a way of finding balance. We were out of balance, so here we are. It's time to look forward and recognise all the things that need to be addressed before they become a pandemic, like a plastic-demic or a climate change-demic. It's an opportunity for us to become more self-aware, sensitive, and empathic. We need to take cues from nature, make new choices and be reborn after this great pause," he added.

Dia said: "We're in this together and this pause has given every one of us an opportunity to reflect and think about our relationship with each other and with our planet." Dia's connection with Grenier began with the United Nations Environment Program in 2018 where the two worked on the #BeatPlasticPollution campaign.

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