Rishabh Chadha on creating a web series at home amid lockdown.. Image Source: IANS News

Mumbai, June 22 : Actor Rishabh Chadha has created an entire mini web series sitting at home during the lockdown. Titled "Love Locha Lockdown", he has released the show on Instagram.

The effort is wholly a one-man show. Rishabh has written, directed, edited and acted, and also cranked the camera, to bring the project alive.

"'Love Locha Lockdown' is my take on the current situation and what people might be experiencing in their homes. The idea is to bring a smile on your face, and at the same time put out information that is helpful," he told IANS.

He further revealed: "I play a character called Kabir, who is confused because of the chatter in his mind. It also talks about anxiety, something we all must face, with the current scenario," he added.

Why such a title? "I chose the title 'Love Locha Lockdown' because it has a nice ring to it, it almost sums up various situations. Love could be for your parents, lovers, kids or anybody close to you. Locha, because it depicts a sense of confusion. Lockdown is self-explanatory," explained the actor.

It is not easy to shoot at home, especially when you are the only cast and crew. However, Rishabh managed to pull it off. "Shooting at home can be very tricky. I have to be the cameraman, the director, the assistant, the actor, and I am also writing and editing. But I enjoyed the process," shared the actor.

In the changed scenario ushered by the COVID-19 pandemic, where masks, hand sanitiser and social distancing define the 'new normal', shooting will not be easy, not just for the actors but also for the crew members, feels Rishabh.

"Not just the actors, each and every person on the set will have to adjust and change the way they work and be extra cautious, which is the need of the hour," Rishabh said.

Rishabh will next be seen in a horror web series titled "Lockdown Chill Flicks". The series has been directed and produced by Vipin Chaudhary and Urvashi Seth.

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