Delhi Capitals reinvents virtual fan engagement this season. Image Source: IANS News

Dubai/New Delhi, Sep 21 : Delhi Capitals have announced an array of virtual fan engagement initiatives for their official fan club - 'the DC Toli', which went live with their opening game against Kings XI Punjab on Sunday in the ongoing edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

Among the wide-ranging fan engagement initiatives are the 'DC Watch Parties' which has been launched with the aim of re-creating the same kind of electric atmosphere as experienced inside the stadiums by the fans. In a first-of-its-kind virtual experience for the Delhi Capitals' fans, 25-50 fans out of 5000 plus submissions are shortlisted for each match.

Image Source: IANS News

Hosted by RJ Rahul Makin, the 'DC Watch Parties' go live across Facebook, YouTube and the Delhi Capitals' website. The lucky fans have the chance to watch matches together and create a special virtual experience, through activities like victory celebrations, chants, team discussions and other match moments making a 'Blue Digital Dilli' come to life.

Image Source: IANS News

Another addition to the list of initiatives is the Virtual Banner Parties, which will have over 2,500 fans and artists from the DC Toli, initiating the largest-ever banner making virtual congregations across this IPL season.

Image Source: IANS News

A unique platform which has also been introduced by the franchise this season is 'DC Reporters', which enables young and energetic fans from across the city who are interested in becoming Delhi Capitals' digital influencers, to be given special content sections before the start of each Delhi Capitals' match.

Image Source: IANS News

The franchise has also launched DCT Radio, wherein four-five fans from the DC Toli will bring out the real voice of Delhi and pass on their unique messages and stories to the audiences.

Image Source: IANS News

Commenting on the franchise's wide range of fan engagement initiatives, CEO Dhiraj Malhotra said, "I'm sure these engagements will definitely keep the electrifying atmosphere alive, and will help bring the fans closer to our team as they gun for glory this season."

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