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May 28 : Singer Mika Singh says that KRK doesn’t have any right to take a personal jab at anyone and he is the one who talked most rubbish stuff about Sushant Singh Rajput.

Interacting with Newshelpline on the sidelines of his food drive, Mika Singh reacted to an ongoing tussle between Salman Khan and KRK, the Radhe stars have filed a defamation case against Kamaal R Khan.

“KRK has nasty comments about Sonu Sood and Sonakshi Sinha. He even made personal comments on Sara Ali Khan; she was merely 17 at the time. I mean you keep your commenting to movies, don’t say nasty stuff about their personal lives. Don’t talk nonsense about anyone’s family members, everyone loves their family”

“And if we talk about Sushant Singh Rajput, the person who has actually said the most rubbish and disgusting things about him is KRK. I am surprised why people in Bollywood are silent about it? Why someone hasn’t filed a case against KRK?” said the singer.

Further adding, Mika shared his experience of KRK slamming his song. He said, “When the first lockdown was put in place, my song came out, people loved the song, but KRK talks absolute garbage about it, which is fine by me. But later met me and apologized about it, and if he denies it, I have proof and I can show the video.

“I am fine with KRK critiquing my work, but if he talked any personal non-sense about me, I will not file case, I will throw him a beating” added Mika.  

Mumbai is under lockdown and Mika Singh says he is hopeful that local body will lift the ban soon, as poor has suffered enough and needs to work and earn.

He said, “I can only request government of Maharashtra, who has done a phenomenal job getting the number of cases down, to open the lockdown quickly, so that poor working class can come outside and make a living”

“I think the lockdown will be lifted from 1st June.  Right now we’re feeding 500-1000 people, once the lockdown is lifted, we will feed much more people” added Mika.

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