: Actor Sohum Shah during the special screening of documentary film `Gulabi Gang` at Light Box in Mumbai, on February 10, 2014. .. Image Source: IANS

New Delhi, May 22 : Actor-producer Sohum Shah is overwhelmed by the praise showered by filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani on his upcoming project "Tumbad". He says it's a huge motivation.

Hirani, after watching the movie at a screening, has lauded its "great camera work, art and costumes", calling Shah's performance outstanding.

In a competitive industry like cinema, what does it mean to you when industry people, especially somebody as successful as Hirani, gives your work validation and appreciation?
"It is definitely a great motivation for us when a creative powerhouse like Rajkumar Hirani goes out of his way to appreciate and shows his love for something we have been working on for the past six years.

"I am glad that Raju-sir was able to make it in between his hectic schedule of 'Sanju'.

"He spoke to us with so much love and encouragement for more than an hour after the film got over, and it was such an honour for us because we knew that he did not have to do any of this," Sohum told IANS.

"Tumbad" is a fantasy epic and a period thriller.

Asked about what sets the film apart, the "Ship of Theseus" famed Sohum said: "It has no reference in the way it looks, or the way it is told. It's new and bat-shit crazy in every possible way.

"But it took six years in making and lot of emotional and personal investment along with it. But now when I look back, I realise there was no other way this film could have been made. It had to take six years and all the emotional toll it eventually took."
He says the film's making was no less than a "fascinating puzzle", which was solved and built "brick by brick".

"At all stages of the making, it kept evolving and reinventing itself. The happiest moment was when we saw the final cut and we were like -- yes, this is it," he said.

Coming from a small town in Rajasthan and making a journey in which he has been noted for projects like "Ship of Theseus" and "Gulabi Gang" -- both National Award winning projects -- what is his opinion about when people say the industry is not open to outsiders?
"I've been fortunate enough to get great films to work on. Every time was a different experience. I strongly feel coming from a small part of Rajasthan has given me a different perspective and understanding of stories.

"I don't understand trends and fashion which has perhaps worked in my favour. I've been naturally drawn towards stories like 'Ship of Thesus', 'Gulabi Gang', 'Talvar', and now 'Tumbad'. And for me these films are obvious choices not an attempt to go against any flow," he said.

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