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May 8 : On May 6, 2019, the Met Gala 2019 event took place at the Costume Institute Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. It happened to be one of the most fashionable fund raising event of the year. A lot of famous personalities from around the world hovered in with their quirky, to fancy, to magical and totally out of this world fashion statements.

The Theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. So, all the invitees presented their wild version of camp costumes.

Celine Dion’s Feather Cap

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The Goddess of Singing, Celine Dion turned up in a starry Cher themed look. She looked fabulous, and we can’t miss her headpiece. No words for her feathery styles!!

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The Delicious Burger Lady: Kate Perry

Celine Dion shared a instagram post: ‘I kissed a burger and I liked it’. It appears that she was referring to Kate Perry who had dressed up like a fat scrumptious burger. Kate Perry dressed like a chandelier and also like a juicy burger (it looks so real).

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Kate Perry commented: ‘Made a meal outta it ‘ She looked pretty cute in this attire. A basic one, but the detailing looked so natural enough to take a bite!

Michael Urie’s Gender Fluidity theme was just just massively striking!

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Michael Urie tweeted: ‘Thanks @NYCityCenter for letting me glam up for #MetGala2019 in my dressing room. And thanks @CSiriano for this look. He’s a genius. ‘

Fashion does not come by simply, for it needs a bit of guts to walk on the red carpet in this attire. He was one daring guy who wore half- half of each gender. One half was a tuxedo and the other half was a light pink sleeveless dress. Even makeup was minimal. While one half of his face had lipstick, the other had none.

Cardi B Vaginal Dress will blow out your imaginations!

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Fashion is one’s choice, but Cardi B’s attire just went aboard the dramatic line of fashion. She chose to wear a vagina themed dress which was bright red in colour. It took about 5 people to carry the dress for her.

Sure, she never has disappointed us, as she loves to surprise the world with her quirky, fun filled ideas. She was perhaps the biggest attraction at the event. Her dress covered the staircase of the red carpet event. It was larger than the normal quilts that we use at home. Apart from her face, there was no skin shown. To tell the truth, it was like a female genitalia anatomy class on stage. But nothing explicit!

Lady Gaga turned the evening into a theatre!

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Even before the event started off, Lady Gaga changed into a couple of outfits. She had a group of umbrella dancers by her side, to lend that shade of dramatic touch to her entry. Her bright pink gown shone in all its raging beauty on the red carpet.

Jared Leto: Lend a Halloween twist to the event

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The actor was a thrill to watch on the red carpet, as he came up in a attire which was high neck, by Alessandro Michele. His best accessory was his own head. Yes, believe it or not- he brought along a mold of his own head and carried it along with him on the red carpet. He was the topic of hot talks, once onstage.

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