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July 20 : Before the Diwali 2019 festival, the auspicious Hindu festival of Dhanteras is celebrated on October 25, 2019. On this special day, people have followed a tradition of buying gold and slver ornaments and utensils. Dhanteras is celebrated as ‘Dhanwantari Jayanti’ that is the birth anniversary of ‘Dhanwantari’, who is the God of Ayurveda.

For Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi, metals like gold and silver hold a lot of sentimental significance for Hindu devotees across the country. They believe the purchase of gold or silver ornaments, coins and utensils will usher the blessings of holy powers into their lives. Dhanteras means Dhan (wealth) and Teras (13th day).

Image Source: IANS

Some of the Indian festivals which are considered auspicious to buy gold are Akshaya Tritiya, Makara Sankranti , Dusshera , Gudi Padwa, Diwali and Dhanteras. This time, Diwali 2019 falls on the same date for North and South India.

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The Dhanteras Legend: Why Gold brings good luck?

There is a legendary story about the famous King Hima. As per his horoscope, he was supposed to die about four days after his marriage due to a snake bite. But his newlywed wife did not leave hope and devised out a plan to protect the life of her husband.

It is believed that she lit many Diwali lamps, and collected all the ornaments she had, including all the silver and gold coins and made a huge pile of these metals right at the door of the room where the King was sleeping. Soon, the God of Death (Yama God) came to take away the King. But he was unable to do his duties, as he was blinded by the strong light and reflection emitted from the ornaments.

This prevented him from taking the King’s soul, but sat to listen to the beautiful songs sung by the King’s wife. Finally, the Yama God got fed up, and left silently without taking the King’s life.

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