Patna: Children disguised as lord Krishna and Radha during a Janmashtami programme in Patna, on Sep 2, 2015.. Image Source: IANS

August 20 : On August 24, 2019, the birth of Lord Krishna is celebrated across the country. People engage in a lot of religious rituals like bathing the Krishna idol with milk. Then, people adorn the idol with the best of jewellery, and drapes the idol with new colourful cloth. One of the most pleasurable functions of the festival Krishna Janmashtami 2019 , is that parents or elders get to dress up their cute little children as sweet Krishnas and Radhas.

Children are dressed as they have the innocent look on their faces naturally. These little boys and girls dress up as Lord Krishna and Radha and their natural gestures often depict the innocence and naughtiness of Lord Krishna and coy character of Radha.

Image Source: IANS
Image Source: IANS

Tips on how to dress up little girls like Little Radha

Good manicure: Before the functions, ensure that the children have a proper bath, cut their nails and scrubbed clean of any dirt on their body. Girls can have a turmeric bath and look more beautiful.

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Lehenga: Make sure that the girls are made to wear lehengas or ghagra choli of any colour that they prefer. It should be of a comfortable material, so that it does not itch or cause any skin problems to the child.

If your child can manage a shawl, then let her carry it along with her. She will look like the perfect Radha. Make sure to pin in a way that she does not step or tear it during whole function. Buy one from Amazon .

Accessories: From jhumkas, to bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings, all must be considered while dressing the little girl as Radha. You can use artificial jewellery to adorn the girl and make her look like a little princess.

→ What to keep in mind while dressing up children as Little Krishnas for Janmashtami 2019

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Hair: Ensure that her hair is clean and not in tangles. Some parents place or pin the dupatta on the head of the child. It is safe and the girl will look gorgeous. This is an option used when the child has short hair. Great Dupattas can be bought online .

Makeup: Now, makeup is meant to just beautify the person. Never overdo the makeup. Light eye shadows, a bit of blush, and a dab of red lipstick is all that is needed to make her take part in the function.

Image Source: Xinhua/Shariful Islam/IANS
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