Actress Kangana Ranaut. (Image Source: IANS). Image Source: IANS

October 17 : Manikarnika actress Kangana Ranaut makes sure to never miss any chance to be in the limelight always. This time, she proved her self love for selfies during her free time. Take a look at how fresh, and sweet the actress looked, just by being herself. It is rare to see a woman who drives in so much confidence into every role she plays. This lady has been drawing attention with a promise that she will rock to success in every film she takes up.

Her ‘No filter needed’ post on Instagram was posted just a short while back, and there is nothing better you can do- but adore her Desi grace. As her post stated, she loved snapping away her selfies in the midst of many appointments and meetings. The post was put up by her team and they absolutely loved her every bit.

Image Source: IANS News

Her curly frills and perms looked lovely. She was fresh as morning dew, in her light pink and cream striped kurta. She came with absolutely no jewelry. Her makeup was wonderful. She wore deep burgundy colored with a matte finish and it stood out perfectly on her well-shaped lips. Her face was spotlessly clean and a point of envy for many who aspire to be beauty gems like her.

Image Source: IANS

On figuring what her meetings could be about, we let it rest on many stray ends. Of course, the actress will be busy with the shooting of the biopic of Jayalalitha. She has been taking extensive dance classes and also coaching to fit into this iconic role smoothly.

Image Source: IANS

Actress Kangana Ranaut.

Apart from this, she also once reported that she had future plans to set up her own production house. She aims to direct and give shape to may stories and also give chances to nee talents on the big screen.

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