Actors Sunny Singh and Sonnalli Seygall during the promotions of their film Jai Mummy Di. Image Source: IANS

January 18 : Jai Mummy Di
Director – Navjot Gulati
Cast – Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Poonam Dhillon, Surpiya Pathak

Amidst of hustle bustle of Delhi, a young couple trying to make their relationship work, faces a mammoth challenge, their mothers are arch-enemies. That’s the premise of Jai Mummy Di, which marks the directioral debut of Navjot Gulati.

Actor Sunny Singh as Puneet Khanna, and Sonnalli Seygall as Saanjh Bhalla are next door neighbours and secret high-school sweethearts. Unfortunately their mothers –Poonam Dhillon as Pinky Aunty and Supriya Pathak are Lalli Aunty are constantly at each other’s.

The film is set in Delhi, so one could imagine the stereotyped ‘aunties’ are loud and full of themselves, husbands are meek, and children are victims of overbearing parenting. There fashion sense is blink from Chandi Chowk and taking digs at one other has some sort of charm.

Pinky and Lalli, two leading mommies from both the families refuse to bury the hatchet over some old dispute and goes all out to settle the score, not knowing their kids are trying to get married and settle down.

Fun loving and straight forward Sonnalli Seygall, is the glamorous relief in the film and fails to deliver a believable performance. Sunny Singh has his moments but that, too, withers away with time.

The tiff between senior actresses – Supriya Pathak and Poonam Dhillon – is not one of their finest works. The dialogues are clichéd yet manage to get some laughs, but the film goes downhill rather quickly. The weak script and over used situations just make it a dire watch.

Pathak does pull off the quarrelsome nature of her character Laali with reasonable conviction, but Poonam Dhillon’s most certainly not the Pinky that the director was looking for.

‘Jai Mummy Di’ only works to a certain degree because of the glam factor and some of its hummable musical content, rest is just bland and boring.

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