Published On: Jun 21, 2019

Union Cabinet Minister Smriti Irani recently took to her social media handle to write a strong post against bullying. A few days back, Smriti had posted her daughter's picture on her Insta account but later deleted it after she was bullied for the same pic by her classmates, as revealed by Smriti in the present day. A day later, Smriti reposted her daughter's selfie with a strong message, calling out the bully. Smriti wrote, 'So Mr Jha , my daughter is an accomplished sports person, record holder in Limca Books, 2 Nd Dan black belt in Karate, at the World Championships has been awarded bronze medal twice; is a loving daughter and yes damn beautiful. Bully her all you want , she will fight back. She is Zoish Irani and I’m proud to be her Mom.' Netizens were quick to condemn the bully's act and applaud the mother-daughter duo.  

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