Bollywood and romance goes hand-in hand. The classic love stories are an integral part of Bollywood and every common man can easily relate to aspect of it when it comes to life on the big screen.

As the big day of love approaches, it is definitely a good idea to rlook back at all the filmi love stories we have absolutely adored over the years. 

We have compiled a series of movies and the imaginative settings when our filmi love birds first met each other.

Romantic Railway station scene 

We start with the love story that has truly stood the test of time.


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Never would anyone know that this movie was going a prominent motif in many Shah Rukh Khan movies to come. This happened with the directorial debut of Aditya Chopra's Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge  where people are introduced to the love birds Simran and Raj who meet on a train in Europe. 

This scene is how Raj gets stuck in the back compartment of the train and he spots Simran who is running to catch the train.One of the most iconic scenes of Hindi cinema was created when Raj offers his help and extends his hand to Simran who is frantically running towards the train for the Europe trip. 

We all know how that ended! 

  Love at first sight at a traffic signal


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This scene also gives a glimpse of the real life love story of Hrithik Roshan, who spotted his wife while waiting on a traffic signal.

The quintessential love story was about to give the country a new heartthrob and Bollywood, a quintessential success story. 

Released in 2000, the movie 'Kaho Na... Pyaar Hai' was the launch vehicle of Hrithik Roshan and Amisha Patel. Hrithik Roshan is a street musician, who finds love when he spots Ameesha at a traffic signal. 

In bollywood style, their eyes meet and in a short time, Rohit aka Hrithik gives her a brief lesson in grooming. 

Doesn't it look cute and mildly weird but hey, who's complaining? 


During the riots

 The movie Gadar takes its plot from the era of the Partition with the the unusual romance between a naive Indian Sikh and a rich Muslim girl. Sunny Deol who plays a truck driver marries Ameesha Patel to save her life from rioters.


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The scene is when the Tara Singh played by Sunny Deol shields Ameesha Patel (Sakeena) from the rioters, and  cuts his finger with a knife and  put Sindoor on  Sakeena's forehead with his blood . He says, "Lo ho gayi Sikhni , meaning Now she is a Sikh, when the rioters point out that he is protecting an enemy's daughter.

At a wedding

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This love story of a boy meets girl and falls in love. Vivek Oberoi (Aditya) is attending his friend's wedding he spots Suhaani (Rani Mukerji)  and is so smitten that he starts wooing her relentlessly and finally they fall in love.

 Their first encounter is marked with a memorable song Chalka re. 

During a morning jog


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This is one of the most iconic love stories in Bollywood. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak takes a whole new deviation from the ordinary love stories The story of two kids of rival families falling in love was well received by the audiences and as a result make debutants Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla stars overnight. 

The scene when Juhi captures a photograph of Amir khan when he goes out for jogging. The love story starts when Amir and juhi meet for the first time when she goes to show the photographs.

At a restaurant


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This is the love story about a 64-year-old Buddhadev (Amitabh Bachchan) who is also the chef and owner of London's top Indian restaurant. One of his signature dishes is sent back from the table in his restaurant and when he meets the patron, he falls in love with her. 

She is a 34-year-old Nina Verma (Tabu), who also gets intimidated by his towering stature. 

Their first stand-off results in subsequent meetings and well, you know how Cheeni Kum ends.

Next door!

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Now this movie was all about making love promises and forgetting about it. Who does it better than the Hearthrob,Ranbir Kapoor who manages to flirt three girls at one time. The scene is quite romantic when Ranbir tries to wow Bipasha Basu, asking her for a date. His stance changes all in a while when another girl clad in a swimsuit emerges from behind the door

His aggressive stance changes dramatically when a sexily-clad girl emerges from behind the door.

At a graduation party

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This movie Dil Chahta Hai starring Amir Khan, which is also Farhan Akhtar's directorial debut is one of the all time favourites. Akash (Aamir)plays a mischievous character who is usually not interested in studies and loves spending time with his friends.

Love at first sight happens when he spots a Preity Zinta (Shalini) at his graduation party and proposes her infront of his friends and makes love vows, embarrassing and irritating Preity Zinta. 

The scene offers much hilarity too.

Back home

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One of the most romantic movies of 90's, Lamhe stars Anil and Sridevi in a coming of age romance. Viren (Anil Kapoor) comes back to India after the death of his wife Pallavi (Sridevi) following an accident and an emergency surgery to protect her unborn child.

The scene of Viren meeting Pallavi's daughter in Rajasthan is the turning point in the story. She looks exactly like her mother and Viren is struggles with his emotions at  the discovery of this.

At a railway station

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The movie 'Tere Naam' presents Salman in a never before avataar as rowdy Radhey whose love interest is Nirjara (Bhumika Chawla), who is the naive daughter of a priest. The iconic scene of Nirjara meeting Radhey in the railways station on her eay to college is really romantic. Radhey tells Nirjara how much he loves her simplicity. 

The scene is followed by a mild alteraction with a gang who tries to eat her lunch.