Valentine's Day, also known as the most romantic day of the year is coming soon, which means you need to plan  a romantic date and pick out the perfect gift to make it memorable for her.

Finding the right Valentine's Day gift is very important and can sometimes be stressful and expensive, especially If you're out of Valentine's Day ideas and don't want to opt for the cliché bouquet of flowers or perfume.

Guys,love  it or hate it, this is the only one day that is devoted to impressing your loved one and treating them like the most special person in the world. Remember One wrong move, and us men are in the dog house, paying for our sins until the end of time!  On the brighter side, you may look on this day as a great way to earn some bonus points, and show our partner's we care.  Make the most of this day. Above all, on this day you get only one chance to do it right and every moment counts.To help you shine and make you the man of the day, we have a compilation of gift ideas for Valentine's Day :

Couple Bands/Rings

Now if you haven't saved enough money for wrist watches, Couple bands may be the best choice that are like a classic watch. 

Hand crafted jewellery brand to showcase collection at Nimai Image Source: IANS News

Hand crafted jewellery brand to showcase collection at Nimai

Gift the couple bands to celebrate your bond of love with your partner,as they are timeless and are treasured for years and years to come. These classic yet contemporary couple bands have a solitaire pattern that will add a splash of sparkle to your loved one's ring finger and your lady is sure going to love this.

You may find more on:Couple Bands/Rings


Buy cushions and write a romantic message that will remind your partner of you all the time. There are lot of innovative Cushions available online that can be customised and will help you to express your emotions to your loved one.

New Delhi, 14 Feb 2013 - The Valentine s Day at the DLF Promenade Mall, in New Delhi. Image Source: IANS

New Delhi, 14 Feb 2013 - The Valentine s Day at the DLF Promenade Mall, in New Delhi. (Photo: Amlan/IANS)

There are online sites that provide a lovely range of cushion hampers which include a cushion, a mug with a romantic message etc. Choose from our range of truly amazing cushions that will melt the heart of your loved one and she can keep close to her heart and head, too.

You may find more on:Cushions


A lovely personalised mug, often overlooked, is a great way to celebrate your love this Valentine's day and a creative utility gift idea. Don't just wait for the last minute as sometimes the  personalised gift like this Valentine's day special mug takes time to be delivered to your doorsteps.

The best thing will be to have a picture of you and your partner on the mug where you get a choice. One printed with a lovey-dovey message is also one of the favourites If you want to convey your feelings.

Mugs Image Source: Prokerala

A  personal message or a picture can be used on the mug ,and your partner can display it on the shelves for a long time

 You may find more at:Valentine Mugs

Valentine's special coasters

 How cool are they? A unique way to make your partner miss you right from the tea-time. 

Coasters Image Source: Prokerala

You may find more at:Valentine Coasters


Now, here is the trick. Don't just Simply buy a regular bar of chocolate. You can go for chocolates boxes combined with a gift hamper. 

Chocolates Image Source: Prokerala

Buy one of these chocolate boxes specially packed for Valentine's day that will be delivered at your loved one's doorstep. You may find a whole lot of new Valentine's day hampers to choose from. What are you thinking of? Make this occasion more sweeter with the box of chocolates.

You may find more at:Chocolate Hampers

Gift Hampers

Gift Hampers remains the flavour of  the season of love. The gift hampers are great way to express your feelings. You can choose from the  range of gift hampers that consists of several gift items which signify warmth. Look for hampers that include candles, chocolates, heart shaped cushions, photo frames with romantic messages and so on. 

Gift Hampers Image Source: Prokerala

We suggest You choose the gift hamper that  suits the personality of your loved one.  If you choose the right hamper, it is sure to bring a smile on their face.

Still unable to decide what to pick for your lady love, then you may find more amazing gift hamper here:Gift Hampers


You should know the way to women's heart is the shining, glittery substance :Jewellery. Make no mistakes about this. If you are looking for a great Valentine's day gift for your lady and you have enough moolah then we suggest you go for jewellery, as it never fails. 

You can choose from a collection of jewellery items like necklace sets, earrings, pendants, rings and so on. The jewellery studded with coloured stones is trending now. You may earn the bonus points if you find jewellery studded with red coloured stones as Valentine's day gift , as red stones symbolises love and romance. Last year in India, Jewellery remained as the most common gifts given by men to their loved ones during Valentine’s Day.  

If You can't afford to buy an expensive ring or jewellery to prove your love, don't worry you can pick one that looks unique but is light on your pockets at the same time. 

 Heart Pendants

Thinking of a gift that will remain close to your lady's heart? You may never go wrong with a heart-shaped pendant sets studded with stones. A perfect token of love. Exclusively made for special occasions, the heart pendants are sure to melt their heart.

Heart Pendants Image Source: Prokerala

You may find it online listed under valentine's special jewellery collection. Browse through the entire range of Valentine's special jewellery and select the one that you deem suits your partner

Heart Bracelets

Bracelets are also great gifting options that you can gift to your special someone this Valentine's day. 

Look at the collection of bracelets, don't they look beautiful and just out of the world?  

Bracelets Image Source: Prokerala

When you buy one of these heart bracelets for your dear one, this itself is a proof of your unimaginable love. The intricate design of of these bracelets makes it a great gift and  the wrist of your loved one will look trendy. Look at how beautiful is the blend of design and stones; seems flawless. Your partner will definitely love this.

Solitaire Rings

Many of you may be thinking to pop the question and may be thinking of doing so on this V-Day. Well, if you are still waiting for your bonus to buy an expensive ring , well this time consider buying one of these inexpensive solitaire rings that looks as good as a real diamond ring.

SoltarieRings Image Source: Prokerala

The diamond-like stones are no less than the real one. Start or make a commitment to your special someone with a ring.

 A photo pendant 

A personalised pendant where you can insert the pictures of you and your loved one in this pendant. A beautiful and memorable gift that is sure to going to turn heads and a gift that can be worn everyday.

You can go for  this beautifully crafted heart shaped 22 carat gold plated photo pendant to signify the beginning of your lovely bond. 

Red Roses

You may have heard that roses are always the best bet on the V-Day. 

 Order some beautiful rose bouquets that are exclusively packed for the occasion. These beautiful bunch of roses are sure to make your loved one's day.Roses are said to evoke positive reactions and responses.and that's one more reason to buy one.

Roses fade away so if you are looking for flowers that won't die - look no further than these:

Artifical Image Source: Prokerala

Ultimately Intimate Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Planning to buy some intimate gifts is another great choice. Women are used to different pieces of nightwear that they wear depending on their mood and need. Choose from these  extraordinary good looking night wears which have been created to make one look glamorous and seductive and at the same time providing the perfect fit.

#1 Lingerie

You need to  Choose the type of nightwear she would look gorgeous in or the one in which you would like to see her.

A nice lingerie plays a very important role in creating a night full of memories.

 a. Nightwear sets

Nightwear Image Source: Prokerala

b. Satin night gowns

Gowns Image Source: Prokerala

c. Satin gown and robe set 


Satingowns Image Source: Prokerala

Naughty Gifts

Planning to send a naughty gift to your loved one? These gifts are just perfect as they are naughty yet subtle. There are actually two gifts in one. These gifts have a surprise element to them. They actually look like a regular gift but have a panty folded in it. The panty can be worn or just treasured as a memory. There is a rose which actually has a panty folded within. Also, a lipstick with a similar pattern. It's unique and memorable as well.

Make-up andBeauty Packs

Now women love their make up or beauty packs. Why not gift a special beauty pack for your valentine.  

Makeup Image Source: Prokerala


This is one of the old fashioned gifts that still holds great value in today's time.

scrapbook Image Source: Prokerala

This is especially for people who have If you have spent a good amount of time in the relationship. Just recreate all those memories with her like your first date, some funny moments and so on a small scrap-book and add all your fond memories. A gift that will be cherished for the rest of her life.

Write a personalized note for her

Now if you are someone who don't want to spend a penny but still want to communicate your inner feelings for her. You just neeed to simply pen down your thoughts with utmost honesty and she will love you for it. Some tips will be to write how special she is to you or some promises that you will love her all your life and will always be with her.

Watches for a cheeky surprise 

Watches which includes the latest styles and ranges from the most iconic watch brands may just turn out be the perfect gift your lady.  

Watches Image Source: Prokerala

Along with a gift, you can buy a nice hamper which includes a teddy bear and a box of chocolates.

Well for many of us like many other things, in today's world, the definition of love is changing steadily, and so the longevity of love. In the present time, love seems to be shrinking where communications are becoming confined to online platforms and social media. The idea of 'forever'  in love and relationship appears bleak and we are  losing the maturity in a relationship, he emotional connect that develops over years. But, as a great saying goes, love triumphs all.

V-Day or Valentine's Day comes as a blessing and is a celebration of romance and love where couples express their love by exchanging cards, and flowers and a nice dinner out on the town is frequently the norm.

Mostly an American holiday, the festival of love Valentine’s Day is commemorated around the global with local holidays and rituals. 

 Will you be my Valentine? This questions gets a lot of importance in February, and they say love is in the air.