Image Source: Xinhua/Sunil Sharma/IANS

Breakups and heartbreaks may lead people to a medical condition. The fact was brought to light in a study conducted by the scientists at the Loyola University Health System.

The scientists found that people who faced rejections in love, breakups in personal life, loss of dear ones and job loss go through a series of emotional period that will have adverse effects on the heart functioning. These adverse effects further lead to a symptom called 'heart syndrome' or ' stress cardiomyopathy'.

During these extremely stressful periods, our heart is 'flooded' with stress hormones with narrow arteries that resist the blood flow to the heart. The same pattern occurs during a heart attack except the fact that broken heart syndrome can be reversed.

People with 'broken heart' condition also often complains about chest pain and breathing problems. Such conditions sometimes are misinterpreted by the medical representative or the patients for heart attacks.

Normally, people get over with such condition as time passes and compared to heart attack, the damage to the heart is limited in this condition.

Holiday outing, outdoor activities, spending time with friends, family or relatives are recommended for 'heart syndrome' people to make the healing process faster.

Heart Beats better with 'Broken Heart' Syndrome

Many may still think that 'broken heart'syndrome is all about stress and pain to the heart, one hidden benefit of this condition that is beneficial for the heartbeat may get unnoticed sometimes.

In a study published in the journal 'Circulation', the scientists reveal how 'broken heart' syndrome acts a shelter to the heart from releasing higher levels of adrenaline. Adrenaline helps in oxygen and blood circulation to the body when needed. The study found that 'broken heart' syndrome reduces the heart's response in releasing adrenaline during stress and painful times, making the heart beat at a normal pace.

Norway researchers at the American Council of Science and Health also came up with an interesting fact about heartbeats. The study published in the 'American Medical Association' reflected how higher heart rates at rest is an indicator of poor health and lead to cardiovascular death. A sudden rise in the rate of heart beats, say from 70 beats to 85 may lead to heart related diseases, as per the researchers.

So this Valentines we need to take care that we may not break someone's heart and also that our heart beats at a normal pace even when looking at our 'Valentine'.