Given below is today's, (Thursday, May 19) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Aries & Virgo zodiac combination.

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The transition of planets may force you to blurt out something wacky your opinion can be considered eccentric.

You may want to see through certain situations but your vision may be blurred by things which limit your capability to decipher the fallaciousness in other people’s attitude and demeanor.

The solution to this is to question your own self about situations which are relevant to the matters in hand. You will be able to weed out your actual well wishers from those who pretend to be so! You will be able to derive helpful answers by devoting time in this activity.

You may feel that your partner may be a little obsessive towards you and the beautiful relationship shared by the two of you. You have to handle this situation carefully along with your partner and your own self as well. Do not get more aggressive than normal, although small feuds add intimacy to the relationship but they should not exceed permissible limits. If at this juncture you become successful in keeping everything under control then there will be no other threat which can frighten your romantic interest.

In order to impress your soul mate once again, you can make a scrapbook or a digital slide show of the happiest moments which you and your soul mate have shared together. Hopefully this will bring tears to your honey’s eyes and they will fall for you all over again!

Lucky colors: ruby red, saffron yellow and sepia.
Lucky numbers: 7, 19, 39, 45

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