Given below is today's, (Saturday, June 23) Love Horoscope and Love Compatibility reports for Scorpio & Capricorn zodiac combination.

You and your partner are in deep love. But the possessiveness needs to be eased on a little. After all, your partner is your companion and not someone to bow down to your every wish and whim. Although you mean well and treat your partner like a support in every decision of yours, it does not mean he/she has to agree on everything you say. Instead, you need to realize he/she needs his/her own space and would like to voice an independent opinion sometimes.

Your partner is a very caring and accommodating person. He/she wishes the best for you in every sphere of life and is ready to help you achieve that, regardless of what it takes. You love your partner very much, but your aggressive nature makes you focus on the issue and not realize how much your partner is instrumental in solving it. You hold your partner lucky for all the good things in your life but also need to realize how integral his/her support is in your life as well.

Therefore, today is a day to make your partner feel special and appreciated. Take time off from your schedule to plan a surprise for him/her which consists of his/her favorite activities and gifts. Intimate moments and a candlelight dinner are on the cards. If gifting jewelry, go for rubies or sapphires as them signify passion and trust. While walking, opt for grass as the softscaping will lend a sense of calm and love in you.

Lucky colors – crimson red, light blue
Lucky numbers – 5, 9, 14, 20, 35

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