Beard grooming is something every guy takes time to do and yet it is something that cannot be avoided. Look awesome and let your facial hair look splendid.  Do note that here we are giving away valuable grooming tips that have been revealed by fashion stylists around the world. And also, these are not style tips, but those that will help you take care of that beard with love. We are here to give you easy, do at home tips for your lovely beard.

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 So, before read further- please make note of what problems you are actually facing with your facial hair. We have compiled many tips, and you are free to think and choose the tips that apply to you the most.

Oh by the way, if you are in any way in India now- we would like to remind you that it is a time of one of the biggest festivals of India called Diwali. So, for Indian guys out there, or even any guys who plan to travel and forage through Indian traditions- then this is the perfect time.

But, follow these simple beard grooming tips before you set out for those energetic Diwali Parties this Diwali 2018!  So, lets groom that beard of yours!

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12 Effective Beard Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know!

Before the whole tip session begins: we have one point of advice for you and that is: Stay Clean!

No Magic!

Yes, this is one epic truth that you need to understand. Your beautiful doesn’t take form overnight or in a matter of hours. You need to teach it to grow in the way you want. Doubtful about what your read? Well, then read it once more! Then move on below, as you will guided how to get a fine beard.

Few Things you may want to remind yourself:

You may have to wait for 6 weeks almost to get a fine layer of thick beard. 

And wiry threads grow- they sure are going to be unruly. So, what do you do?

Resist the temptation to trim it as soon as it grows. Coz if you do, you are preventing all the hairs from growing evenly.

Let it grow peacefully. At this point, you can check out for yourselves – how thick the beard is going to be, how long can it grow and even what style and shape of beard is going to suit your face.

Last, during this span of time, you need to take care of your beard so it maintains some consistent growth and that is what is detailed out below. Take a look!

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Heard of Beard Oil?

Okay, this is something – you just cannot do away with! It is a must to have beard oil in stock- if you need that luscious beard on your face. For those guys, who cannot get your hands on any beard oil- I suggest you can opt for any oil that you usually apply on  the hair.

Sounds good and easy? 

Few Things you may want to remind yourself about Beard Oil:

Well, if you can purchase scented oils- even better! Just take a pea sized drop of oil and rub gently into hands in a circular motion. 

Then apply onto the beard. 

When you apply, make sure that it is applied in a gently downward motion. Fix a oil timetable whereby you have to do it regularly.

Just a small amount is needed, but if you do not apply on a daily basis- the hair will tend to grow rough, wiry and may be difficult to tame down. So oil it well guys! 

 Beard Bath

Yup, all that oil combined with sweat is going to create a messy and sticky state of affairs for that poor beard of yours. So, make sure you keep that beard clean! How do you do that? Give your face a well pampered bath. 

How and why do you give a Beard Bath?

Well, to the why question I have an answer:  That’s a serious amount of hair at your chin and below. They could unconsciously trap dust, food, dirt and even old skin cells. Yuck, right? So, get them out of there! 

Now for the ‘How’ part of the question, here it goes:  In the market, there are plenty of products available. They may be sold under the name of beard wash. First you need to wet your beard properly. Once it is soaked to the core, then lather in this beard wash or any mild soap or any hair shampoo of your preference. 

Rub and massage the beard, and the skin underneath to soften the skin and also remove any old skin cells that lie untouched inside. 

If you ever face problems of itchiness, remember that it could be the presence of old skin. So, clear them out with this soft and gentle beard massage. Keep doing for about 3 minutes or so.

Then use cold water (just like you would clear your hair) and wash away all that soap. Wash away gently and do not use force. It could break the beard hair and create an uneveness.

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Fashion: Actor Ritesh Deshmukh display the creation of fashion designer duo Shantanu & Nikhil during the Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2016, in Mumbai, on Aug 27, 2016.

Have you conditioned?

Well, for those who have relatively thick, wiry and stubborn hair, this is an additional step that will do good to your beard. 

After completing a session of oiling, and washing away the oil with beard wash, it is time to soften and moisturise the hair and the skin. This is specially needed in the case of men who have very dry skin. Once the beard is shampooed, the skin below will be void of moisture and natural oils. 

So, after washing, apply a small amount of any hair conditioner and massage onto the hair and skin. Then wash it away gently. Now, your facial hair will fell more soft, manageable and your skin will be in a more breathable stage. Trust me, you will feel so good inside!

Dry Those Whiskers

Hmm, looks like the beard did have a lavish series of washes and now it is time we pat him dry. Isn’t it? Yep! Take a soft towel and just pat the beard dry. Okay, remember guys- no pulling and harsh treatment on that beard hair. It could cause a lot of split ends and that is not what we are looking for!

Plus, a little too much energy on that small face can make that humble facial hair look crazy and even more frizzy. So, do all the grooming activities with a bit of patience.

Tame The Stubble

Now, this point gets applicable in reality only when your beard has grown to a level of your preference. By preference , I mean the length, thickness and so on. Untamed beard hair will be uneven, and that is what need to deal with after all the washing process.

Of course, even after the beard is tame,, you should clean it well, but taming can be done only once you have some beard to deal with.

How to tame the stubble?

Interesting question that many guys actually think about. A question that most young boys who get their first beard yearn to know about.  So, here is the secret to that as well:

Choose a beard shape that will suit your face. You can get that piece of advice from any professional hair cutting saloon. So, get it cut or trimmed to the shape that gels with your personality and face. 

That Downward Move: You don’t want stubborn hairs that peep from that large wiry bunch of hair, do you? Well, then you need to rub your hands over and around your beard in a downward motion. It is even better if you have a beard brush as that helps to comb downwards in a uniform pattern. 

When this pattern is followed regularly, the beard will will be tuned to grow in a particular direction. That way the new hairs that sprout out also will be more manageable.

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Where’s your beard tool box?

Okay, heard about a tool box for repairing furniture, electrical connections and son, but what about a beard tool box- heard of it before?

A few things you will need to make things easy are a beard trimmer, a pair of grooming scissors, and if necessary a medium hold wax. 

Step one is to use the scissors to trim off all those unwanted hairs jutting ou like sunflowers when they feel the sun! We don’t want all that.  With the scissors you can also trim that moustache and use to trim around the area called philtrum- this is the area of flesh and skin under your nose. So, can trim out any hair that looks out of place!

Next, use the beard trimmer to give a smooth cut to the beard. It makes work so much easier.

Last is the wax. For those who have long beards and that which get out of shape if not combed regularly, it is wise that you apply a thin layer of wax. That way the beard will stay steady and you will look your best.

Actually, it is best option if you are going for a party. Just rock on happily to any tune, and your beard will never let you down!

Beard Brush: Now this is something that I previously to tame the beard. But apart from that, the beard is just like hair and will get into tangles. So, a good brush that can free beards from the tangles will make it look so much more better.

Trim, Shape, Trim

Now this is something that every guy who long for that macho looking beard needs to master. The question is when do you know – when to trim that beard?

Of course, for the hair on our heads, if it grows beyond a level and gets unruly- then they need to be trimmed. What in the case of a Beard? How do you identify?

Understand how your beard grows and create a time pattern so that you know when it is time to get that special beardo. Keep in mind of the beard style and trim when the beard strays out of the design that you like.

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healthy meal

Pump in the Nutrition

Just like the body, the beard also needs a wholesome diet. It is for real, and if your beard needs to keep on growing – then you must have a balanced diet that includes Vitamins B9, B5, and B3. Include fresh fruits and green vegetables, nuts and fiber rich foods in your diet and see the difference.

Summer Time

Now, summer time is good to go to beaches, go for bike rides and all. But Mr. Beard will feel uneasy. For this, you need to wash and condition your beard between intervals. Plus, keep brushing it so that dry cells or itchy related issues come up within the skin.

Hydrate yourself: During the summer season, do make sure that you drink lots of water, and stay hydrated. Lack of moisture in the body may create dryness in the skin and then the beard may tend to be an unpleasant experience. 

Moisturise that beard with love

During summer or hot climates, you surely need to see that the beard hair is not dry. For this, you can styling balms, moustache wax, and beard softeners. All these will create a shine on that beard and you will look awesome.

Forgotten that moustache?

Whether you have a horseshoe or handlebar or toothbrush styled moustache- they all need to maintained well alongside with your beard. So, don’t keep them aside. Groom, wash, trim, comb and condition them- just as much as you would like to maintain that beard of yours.

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The Bearded Conclusion

So, walk in confidence guys. We have sought out the beard problems in simple and easy ways.

Gotta a party coming up next week, get prepping with quick tips and that will fix your beard in no time. But, yeah, this grooming tips – if done on a regular basis – will make you look so good that admiration and compliments will come by your way in the most interesting and effortless way. 

Guys, happy partying and get to rock with that great beard!