I love the way you look at me. It makes me feel very special. More than how our eyes meet, it is how our physical nature syncs with each other. What makes the relation between a human body and a slab of chocolate so different and unique? Learn more.

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Chocolate – a delicate product churned out from a mix of cacao beans, milk, and sugar. Over the recent years, a lot of benefits have been found in chocolate- especially dark chocolate. Now that was for consumption. But today, modern beauty experts and researchers have revealed that Chocolate has the capacity to play a big role in the maintaining healthy skin and complexion of people.

Since, this is natural – it can have no side effects. Except for one thing though- you need to control your urge to lick off the chocolate masks off your face! 

A sweet message from Chocolate to our bodies: Learn the benefits.

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I will keep you Soft and Supple

Who doesn’t love their skin to be fresh? The feel of soft and supple skin is beyond words. But for people who have dry skin- this happens to be a task.

For this, just apply a mix of equal portions of melted dark chocolate and fresh cream and then apply all over the skin. If you want the mix to be thinner, add some cold milk and make to your desired consistency.

Spare you from the pollution

Pollution, pollution everywhere and not a whiff of clean air around! That is the tragedy of the world we live in today. No pure air and this is the reason why our health appears to be in a depleting condition.

By applying melted cooled dark chocolate over you and leaving to absorb for 45 minutes or so- you are indirectly creating a shield of protection with mask. It infuses oils into the body and that is what helps to protect the body against external infections and pollutants in the surroundings. 

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Hey, I supply ample nutrients!

From vitamin C to Vitamin E, chocolates can give it all away to the body. When you eat a chocolate, it contains sugar and added fats which could make you obese. 

But for body beauty treatments, only try to use regular dark chocolate as they are rich in minerals and these will give the body all the needed supplements.

Say bye to those dryness woes

Dry, dull skin is an issue to be solved for people who have skin problems and also who live in dry, and even very cold climates. If you get hold of a mix of milk and dark chocolate along with few drops of rose water – it will do wonders to the body. The dryness will be driven out easily. Do this once a week and see the difference.

Also the more dry your skin is, the more dry skin cells tend to flake off from the body. So, for this, add a bit of oat powder with your mix and gently rub. This is only body oils activated and remove any blockages caused dry skin cells.

Dreaming of a fair skin tone?

A lighter skin tone is what most men and women look forward too and for this there are a lot of fairness creams and masks who claim to make your fair. But all these contain chemicals that burn the skin and thereby make it fair. Apart, from that  - these can cause skin cancer and this is not what anyone of us even dream of!

Chocolate has an inherent quality of reducing the pigmentation and that when applied to the human body can reduce the dark colour after repeated uses.

Anyone dares to call you ‘Aged’?.. I doubt!

If you are one who looks the slow down the process of ageing- we have only one advice; which is; to make chocolate a part and parcel of your beauty regime. 

Chocolate contains natural butters like cocoa butter and these when applied on to the face can reduce and smooth out the wrinkles, and other fine lines that form on the person as they age.

Blackheads or whiteheads- step out!

These are some stubborn troublemakers who make your face look gory to an extent. And if you have an event- this is going to stand out!

Blackheads or white heads get formed because of the excess dirt, sweat and make up that get clogged on the face from time to time. Slowly they block the pores and this causes a lot of problems. So, give the body a proper chocolate treatment and gently massage away such skin issues.

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Acnes- A story of the past

Another common problem that affects a lot of people are the acnes. Now, these are one of the main causes of tension and sadness for teenagers as these erupt a lot in that age. This is because of certain hormonal changes, and research shows that chocolate has a solution for this.

When chocolate is applied onto the skin, various research tests show that it contains a lot of anti- oxides and that helps to clear out the acnes.

Replenish and detoxify

Skin is one of the largest organs of the body and it has to keep on working to protect the body always. So, if you do not take care of it- it will start begin to react to the unwanted changes.

If the skin is detoxified well, with the help of the right food, care and beauty treatments- it will look and feel healthy inside. This will form that inner glow in the face. As per research, chocolate masks contains caffeine which helps to protect the body skin from any bacteria that keeps attacking it. 

Your umbrella from UV

UV rays can damage the skin extensively and this can cause skin cancers, and other forms of pigmentation. The reason why chocolate masks are prescribed as a protective alternative is that it contains flavonoids and these can protect the skin from blocking the penetration of such UV rays.  

Smooth skin is my mantra

Rough skin is never a great idea for any of us. So, how do think skin can be made smooth? It does not need a day at the parlour or doesn’t need a lot of expensive treatments.

Regular application of chocolate masks twice a week, can help moisturise the skin

Exfoliate the unwanted

Over time and due to the climatic changes, our skin can undergo a lot of changes. That will make our skin look tired and even pigmentation may take place. In due course, there will be the formation of a lot of dead cells and these can make the body skin and face look really dull. So, apply simple dark chocolate masks and scrub the skin gently. This will help exfoliate the dead cells and replace the natural oils in the body. Do it twice a week, to get that glossy finish. 

Bring back the youth

It is generally believed that skin cells will stop forming once we become old adults. This is when the skin begins to grow weak and sag. So, this is a situation when people start developing wrinkles and even fine lines at all corners of the face.

Naturally, in the past, it was almost impossible to slow down the process of ageing. But by applying a little bit of cool chocolate to your daily beauty mantra and scrubbing the skin- this will improve the metabolism of the skin and help to regenerate fresh skin cells all over the body. This is proven and naturally very effective.

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Look at that glow

Love to get that youthful glow on your face? Then do keep a slab of chocolate melted and apply that with a little honey and rosewater. You will not get that glow, but your skin will feel fresh, clean and plus- you would have given the body its needed dose of antioxidants.

You see chocolate is rich in flavonoids, and so these help act as anti-oxidants to retain that glow back into the skin.

Prevents breakouts

Got frequent breakouts? Well, that is a sign of problematic skin. And you certainly need to cure that! 

So, now if you regularly apply this mask, ti can avoid the continual incidents of blackheads, pimples, acnes and even uncontrollable types of pigmentation. For those who have dry skin, add a bit of almond oil or olive oil to the chocolate mix. For those who have oily skin, mix in a little lime juice in the chocolate mask mix and then apply onto face.

Great, so you seem to have read all the goodness you could possibly get from a very natural ingredient called ‘Chocolate’. Make it a part of your weekly beauty regime and don’t think that we exaggerate- but keep this mind- you will surely get your share of positive appreciation from the ones who are part of your life.