From food diets, to dirt, to pollution – there are so many weak zones that can weaken the hair on a person’s body. The fact is that researchers and even normal people never understand why the hair falls. 

Girls click selfie. (File Photo: IANS) Image Source: IANS

Girls click selfie. (File Photo: IANS)

People think perhaps of one reason, but this is a part of the human body and its growth is affected by a collection of factors. We need to dwell on them, and then make a change in our lifestyle to ensure that hair grows properly. 

For example, if you don’t sleep well, you know that you feel tired. This is not a feeling, but because the brain was over working for the whole night. Along with the brain, the internal body organs were also working the whole whole night. 

If you sleep well, that means the brain is also resting. When it is not resting, it will automatically control the movements and senses of the body. That is why when you are not asleep at night, you tend to feel hungry and end up having late night snacks. 

This is no fault of yours, but purely because the body is using the stored food into energy and when that gets exhausted, it could tire the person. So, it is on the lookout for more energy sources- and that shows out as hunger.

To Protect Hair- You need to understand the science behind hair growth, hair fall, thinning of hair

If hair fall is a part of your genetics, then you need to handle it with care. This needs a lot of treatment. But prior to the treatment, you need to get your scalp, your hair follicles checked by a genuine and well experienced dermatologist. 

New Delhi:Models walk the ramp during the launch of a hair care product in New Delhi on Sept 21, 2017. Image Source: Amlan Paliwal/IANS

New Delhi:Models walk the ramp during the launch of a hair care product in New Delhi on Sept 21, 2017.

Watch out For The Causes of Hairfall!


A Silent Troublemaker: One major reason for all hair issues, is the stress that we carry alongside with us in life. It is not easy to let go of that thought (anything) that matters to you; but you need to try to relax your mind and body. Along with this, as mentioned before, Sleep is also needed for a proper and steady growth of hair.

Hormone Switch

Another suspect that plays funny games with our hair is the world of hormones. You see, we all have a small proportion of testosterone and estrogen in our bodies- be it a man or woman.  Men have more of testosterone and women are credited with estrogen. But if  this gets an imbalance, then that affect the hair growth badly.

Now, if you got a snapshot of what is happening right up in your tresses, maybe it is time to get some proved solutions for that pesky hair fall!

Sailing through Cloud nine - 'Kappal' Girl Sonam Bajwa. Image Source: IANS

Chennai: Sailing through Cloud nine - 'Kappal' Girl Sonam Bajwa.

Five Easy Hair Fall Solutions That Can be Done Right At Home

To be honest, this is something that takes time; but if you  have the patience to do it regularly- give it a try!

Why I recommend them:

They have no side effects. 

Though the results show after a long time period, they are here to last. So it is much more after than medical treatments that promise to squeeze in loads of hair follicles in your head.

Walk along and learn these natural remedies:

castor oil Image Source:

Castor Oil

This is the extract of the plant seeds called the Ricinus Communis Plant. The seeds are often called as castor beans. It does contain some toxic stuff, but with a little bit of processing in the factories, the oil is safe to use.

Why Use Castor Oil?

It has a lot of goodness, but pertaining to hair- it is an excellent moisturiser.

So, that means it can not only hydrate the skin or rather the scalp. 

But it contains an anti- inflammatory property within it. So, if your scalp has problems liek dryness, or broken and itchy skin-then castor oil will be your best bet at home.

It acts as a silent stimulant for thick hair growth.

Using Castor Oil on Hair

Heat a little castor oil (a few teaspoons).

Rub a little on your fingertips and rub into your scalp.

The oil should not feel hot, but just body temperature. Massage and moisten the scalp in a very gently manner.

Keep it on your head for at least 20 minutes and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

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Green Tea

Green Tea is natural and chock full of antioxidants. These nutrients can boost the growth of your hair. You can even drink green tea, as it gives clear skin and drives away any of the toxic wastes in the body. 

Why use Green Tea?

Green Tea has the capability to stop the growth of DHT in our body system.

Without going into the fine details , this is something that hinders the normal growth of hair.

So, if its negative effects are put to sleep, then our hair can grow in a much better manner.

Plus, green tea has been reported to soothe the problems of psoriasis and that means it could give relief to dandruff problems. 

Using Green Tea on Hair

Once, you have washed your hair the normal way you do usually, add in one more extra step to give a lustre finish to your hair.

Boil 3 bags of green tea in 1 litre of water. Leave it to cool.

Then use it as the final rinse when you wash your hair.

Health  Benefits of Beetroot Juice !! Image Source:

Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice !!


If you check out the superfoods list, beet roots have found a niche place for itself in there! So, definitely have some value, doesn’t it? 

For hair, it needs nutrients. And also, these nutrients get into each strand through blood. So, if our blood is nourished, then it will help the hair to grow in a healthy manner.

Why use Beetroot?

Beetroot is filled with a lot of vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Potassium and calcium.

When you eat beet roots, it aids in the formation of RBC in the body. This helps in the blood formation and that in turn helps to strengthen each hair follicle.

The pigment that you see in a beet root is something that lends a lustre and enrichment to the hair.

Smart Tip: If you are the one, who loves that deep red tinge in your hair, try washing your hair with the beetroot juice and watch the difference. Do it twice a week, and see that reddish hue it creates on your hair.

It’s natural and you look great. Plus, it is so very affordable!

Using Beetroot on Hair

Take half a beetroot and juice it up.

Strain out the pulp. Take only the thick beetroot juice and set aside. Discard the pulp.

You will get approx a quarter of a cup of juice. Now add 4 teaspoons of olive oil, one egg white  and honey and stir well.

Make sure that the egg white has been beaten up properly. No lumps to be found in there!

Apply this mix on the head and then wrap with a warm, cotton towel.

For a warm towel, just immerse the towel in some hot water, and then squeeze it well.

Wrap the head and sit for about one hour.

Then wash off with a regular and mild shampoo, followed by a conditioner.

neem leaves plant extract Image Source:


Neem is like Wonderwoman in the Ayurveda. There are no problems that it ‘cannot’ solve in the human body.

I mean it has a cure for every ailment in man. What a creation of God, indeed!

Neem is one plant that grows in abundance in India. In the older days, you could find these trees growing in the wilderness. People plucked the leaves as and when they needed.

Why use Neem?

Neem is said to antiseptic and anti- fungal properties and that is what helps man a lot. 

With respect to diseases like chicken pox, old Ayurveda doctors, take fresh neem leaves and use it to boil water. 

This medicated water is used to cure the skin, the bacteria and virus that stays on the body during chicken pox. 

The best news is that all parts of he tree can be used for treatments. If you have boils on skin, or mouth ulcers, boils, or skin rashes- then use neem.

Using Neem on Hair

For hair related problems like dandruff and flaky skin – that badly affects the scalp, you can use this method.

Take about 15-20 neem leaves, or two barks (each about 10 inch pieces).

Boil them in 1 litre of water. Cool it and then wash the hair gently with it. Rub into the scalp with the water.

Do not put plain water on top of it.

The same method of preparation and usage can be used to treat pimples, boils, insect bites and other skin issues 

egg white whole Image Source:

Egg white

You all must be knowing what is this thing called egg white? If not, it goes like this. You crack a fresh egg. Can you see the yellow part of the egg surrounded by some transparent jelly like liquid? So, that colourless liquid is call egg white, while the yellow is called yolk.

It contains protein and that is why it has been added to the list. If it is good for growing children, then surely it does have some positive effects on the growth of a simple and frail thing like hair. 

Why use Egg white?

The above said was not my assumption by any means. It is known that the egg white has a protective layer of enzymes that keeps the yolk or the baby chick safe within the egg shell. 

So, it has a natural power to wiping away bacteria or inhibiting the growth of bacteria within the hair.  Plus. It can control the oil level secretion within the scalp.

This will help release only certain amounts of oil on the scalp. So, that will keep a check on dandruff related problems.

It will keep the hair clean and free of lice.

Using Egg white on Hair

Take an egg white and beat it up well with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 3 tablespoons of 3 teaspoons of lemon juice.

Rub this mix into the hair and the scalp gently. Massage for about 10 minutes and leave it to dry.

Wash off with a shampoo and then some green tea water.

Denim Look for Women Image Source: IANS News

Denim Look for Women

What you should not have in order to stop hair fall?

Okay, so you know what you should do to lessen the effects of hair fall. But what are things you need to keep in mind – the complete No’s while looking after your hair.


Step back from coffee and other caffeinated drinks. They have a negative effect of hair. This does mean you say a complete goodbye to coffee as such, but you can reduce the number of imes you have the beverage.

Sugary and Fatty Foods

Too much sugar is bad for all parts of the body. Just like that, the sweetness is the villian in the life of healthy hair. Go for natural sugars, fruit juices and sweet pulps. But try to reduce the level of consumption of desserts and other sugary delicacies. 

Too much of sugar can alter the hormone levels and that can reduce the manner in which the hair grows.

Fatty Foods are another category that needs to be kept under control. Try to avoid fried foods like French fries and junk ones like sausages and burgers.

Also, quit using soft drinks that have too much sugar and caffeine in them.

Bleached Flour

Try to have more of organic and wholesome food. Too much of refined flours, and breads can affect the quality of hair.

Use more fiber rich flours, and those which contain the bran or husk of the grain.

For example, flax seeds will help improve the quality of the hair.