We all think about wrinkles as natural and yes it is. But this is a phenomenon that happens more in certain caste, ethnicity, gender, and creed. Why is that so?

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Maybe it could be the genes, the climate, the food and or probably the lifestyle- is to blamed!

Whatever be the reason, we as humans need to face it; and yeah, most of us find it really difficult to come to terms with it. So, is there a solution to this or not?

To start with, What are wrinkles?

Okay, you may have figured that one out! These are folds on the skin that a person acquires due to their age. The older you get, the more wrinkles pop in.

Another side to this is that, some wrinkles are formed due o our facial expressions. Like for example, a crow’s feet can appear at a much younger age- and this does not necessarily pertain to age.

Then wear and tear of the skin, exposure to harsh climates, excessive smoking and drinking habits, stress and irregular sleeping habits will spoil a person body and face in a short span of time.

If you are dehydrated and exposed a lot to the sun, this could cause further damage to the skin. So, wear a cap, or carry an umbrella aorund.

Happy angle to this is that: Research has recently given away few vital tips and studies that may help reduce the prevalence of wrinkles on our skin- even if we age.

Sounds like something, we can consider, huh? Perfectly right and just switch on that learning nerve within you, and get to know facts that could make you look younger!

Maple Leaves

Heard of maple trees? Maybe many of you would have heard of maple syrup? Many would have tasted it also? Right? That is delicious!

Wrinkle Cures with Maple Leaves

  • Flavours aside, the trees are known for their excellent and lush foliage. 
  • The leaves have a property of skin deep goodness and that is what caught the interest of the researchers!Check the study here!
  • Maple leaves have an extract that can used on the human body as a medicine,  This extract can reduce wrinkles to a considerable extent.
  • This is one of the most recent researches done at the American Chemical Society and it seems to show fruitful results.
  • History shows that the leaves of the red maple leaves were used as part of the medicinal preparations and now that has stopped.
  • The skin forms wrinkles when it loses its elasticity. This extract will help tighten the skin muscles and thereby the elasticity will not get completely lost from the skin.
  • If the extract is made into a topical cream, then it is believed that it will be have its positive effects on the skin. 

Wrinkles Linked to Depleting Bone Density

Now, that is something strange, but that is what the researchers at the Endocrine Society seems to say. The feel that a woman’s wrinkles can have an overbearing effect on he bone quality, or rather the bone density of the human body. So, maybe we need to take those pesky wrinkles more seriously?

More wrinkles could destroy those bones

  • They revealed that some women go into an early menopause stage.
  • During this time, the body has to deal with many changes. 
  • One of the many changes are the prevalence of wrinkles and they become visible all of a sudden.
  • According to the researchers, if a woman has more wrinkles, this is surely going to affect their bone density.
  • How can a woman find that out? If a woman could see the skin was sagging on the face, along with a tenderness at the cheeks and lower jaws of the face, then this meant that the bone density was affected.
  • Their link seems unidentified still, but researchers feel that both the wrinkles and bones need collagen to stay sturdy. 
  • When collagen deteriorates, the quality of the bone will also reduce.
  • For this, the person should take collagen rich foods, like once in a while- a bone broth soup will be good for the body.;
  • It will help the body gain healthy nails, hair and skin in the long run. 

Grape Seed Magic!

At the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences , the research display a promising news for all men and women all over the world. They have found that grape seed are abundant is antioxidants and these are powerful enough to improve the health of the skin. 

The Seed Can Improve your face

  • Certain grape varieties like the muscadine grapes are noted to have a lot more antioxidants than other varieties. 
  • Research show that the antioxidants are stored in the skin and the seeds of the grapes.
  • These grapes are mostly used to make wines in professional wine cellars. For this, the pulp is squeezed out and finally the skin and the seed are separated away from the precious pulp.
  • Until now, the life the seeds and the grape skins end here. They are discarded and they find a resting place in some landfill or the other.  That ends the story.
  • But researchers feel that these so called ‘wastes’ can be out to some serious good use.
  • These grapes have very thick grapes and have a natural capacity to fight and resist the attacks from insects, fungus, and other related diseases. 
  • The seeds and skin have powerful enzymes that can improve the antioxidant activity inside the body.
  • It has a rejuvenating property and that helps cells to grow faster.
  • This will help the person look younger, the skin muscles will be firmer and the ageing process will be slower.
  • At present, a process is being developed to extract the antioxidants from the grapes and then add them into creams. This way, the body will get the complete nourishment it needs. 
  • Now apart from food, these grape skins will find its way into the world of beauty.

Wrinkles are Curable Now!

The researchers in all the above points never focus on eliminating wrinkles completely from the human body.

But what are were trying to prove is that, people can dream and work towards a wrinkle free skin- if they try!

All that these researches prove is that we all have natural elements in this world to try. If research is willing to provide us with healthy researches that can make our lives, our bodies better, then it is time we turn to those advices too.