So, you fall in the category where your hair isn’t short enough to rock a sexy pixie look or long enough to look lush. Fret not, we’ve got the perfect styles for your medium length hair. From straight to wavy, curly to coily we’ve covered it all. Like all forms of styling, this may involve the use of heat and a curling iron or a flat iron. To minimize heat damage make sure you use heat protectant products.

Let’s dive right in. Lets look uinto some tips before styling your hair.

  • Make sure you spray a light mist on the desired section of way keeping a distance of at least 6 inches between the spray can and the hair section.
  • Comb the hair section through to the tips so that the product is evenly distributed throughout the hair section.  Now you can let your hair down in style.

Long curls

Image Source: Prokerala

This look is one of the most common looks of celebrities for that laid back, casual look.  This is achievable by using a flat iron and by flat wrapping the sections of your hair. Flat wrapping means flattening the hair section like a ribbon and then wrapping it around the flat iron. Hold down for a few seconds and gently release the curl. If you want neat curls this would be fine. But for messy curls for a casual look, work your fingers through the curls. If you want your curls( near the face) to be inward, roll the section inwards toward the face, otherwise for outward curls roll the section of hair, away from the face.

Lazy curls

Image Source: Prokerala

To get lazy curls, its a bit more work, but believe you me when I say this, it will be worth it. For this, wrap the sprayed section of  hair around the flat iron and once that is done gently pull out the flat iron and roll lower part of the hair in the opposite direction.    Work your way in this alternation fashion till almost the tip of the hair. Leave the ends out, as this gives a natural look. As you work your fingers through the curled section of hair, you will see what a lovely lazy natural look this method has brought forth. 

Spiral curls

Image Source: Prokerala

Spiral curls are for those who would love a messy, funky, modish vibe. For this, twist the section of hair, nice and tight. Warp the twisted section of hair around the flat iron and let it set for a few seconds. Work your fingers through the section of hair to unravel spiral curls 

Beach waves

Image Source: Prokerala

To get that beach look twist the section of hair anticlockwise half way through and then wrap it around the flat iron and then apply heat. Voila, you’ve got yourself beach curls.

Straight hair

Image Source: Prokerala

Now if are not a fan of curls and all you want is straight hair. You can get straight hair without the hassle of twisting and turning by merely parting sections of the hair and applying heat using a flat iron.

Bangs and Fringes

To add a bit more mystery to your looks, complement your medium length hair with bangs and fringes.

There are a lot of fringe patterns that you can adopt.  From blunt bangs to choppy bangs, there are a wide variety of bangs and they are sported by celebrities as shown below. 


Image Source: Prokerala

These bangs are excellent when the hair is let loose or in a pony tail or even in a messy bun.

How do you style fringes?

So, you are excited about getting bangs and you’ve decided to go ahead with it. Soon after the salon has cut, blow dried and set your hair you look amazing and you simply cannot help but be proud of your decision to get bangs. After your first wash, you begin having doubts about it because your shiny new bang looks hopelessly boring. The hair strands that were all neatly aligned now behave as if they have a mind of their own. So, what do you do now?

To style your bangs everyday you need a round brush and a hair dryer. Setting the heat to medium, grab the bangs with your hand and gently flat wrap the hair around the brush. Apply the heat to the bang by rolling out upward. Repeat this a few times. Release the hair from the brush and gently comb through. You’ve got yourself salon perfect bangs. Spray on a bit of hair spray to seal the deal.  It is important to lift and roll the round brush this helps give your bangs a bit of a lift from your forehead.

For medium length hair you can have a lot of styles ranging from layers to U, V and even a straight cut.  Layers are especially helpful for reducing volume for thick hair. Layers prevent your hairstyle from looking boxy and it very nicely frames the shape of the face. It is a common complaint that short layers make thick hair types look boxy. This is because thick frizzy hair have a natural tendency to just curl upwards thereby creating a squared boxy look. Sometimes, layered hair is cut in U or V shapes. Straight cut is most suitable for thin hair types and it nicely complements people who have naturally straight hair.