Pregnancy fashion was not a very popular thing in India until recently. Saree, kurtis, kurtas and churidars were a common sight on new mom's to be. The Indian maternity fashion spectrum has broadened. Lets take a look at the popular trends for expectant and new mothers.

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Pregnant Kareena Kapoor dazzles in a gorgeous gown

Maternity tops

Button down shirts, tunics, tops and even tees are comfortable options for you and your growing bump. If you need to cover up your bump, a shrug or a stole is a good option. Comfortable, stretchable and breathable fabric is what you should look for.

Maternity bottomwear

Loose fitting pants and trousers are your friends. Wide elastic bands are key to give you and your bump maximum comfort. It should be easy to wear and take off, without having to bend and stretch in difficult ways.

Maternity footwear

Pregnancy is a time when all aches creep up on you. Back ache and hip pain are quite common in pregnancy. Weight gain and shift in the center of gravity can make your walk wobbly. Saying no to heels can help alleviate back pain to a certain extent. Good maternity shoes must be supportive and easy to put on. Opt for lightweight footwear with a little extra room, as pregnancy is the time when feet are prone to swelling.

Maternity underwear-do's and dont's

  • Your growing bosom may put additional strain on your back so buy supportive bras.
  • Bra straps should not bite into your skin. Avoid wearing them too tight. 
  • Underwires impede breat tissue growth. So underwires are a strict no no.
  • All is not boring in the world of maternal underwears. A lot has happened in the world of maternity wear from yesteryear's granny style to today's glam. Who said maternal underwears are boring when there are gorgeous sensual ones you can get to buy.
  • While choosing panties keep in mind that pregnancy is the time where some women have increased vaginal discharge. Pantiliner is the solution to this problem. There are disposable and washable options available.
  • Choosing a soft, breathable, stretchy fabric is key for maximum comfort.
  • High cut panties to fit over the bump or low rise panties that fit below the bump are a personal choice.