Okay, so your special day is something that is hugging to your thoughts, and you are in a dizzy trance of what to do and where to start. That confusion is inevitable and so take your time to scroll through these valuable tips that we have to offer you.

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Here, this is specifically angled towards what and how you will plan, shop and decide your wedding dress. With this set of tips and advices, you can go past the wedding dress hunt and the frustrations that come by with it.

Forget the nuances and just follow the trail below to know more on how you can be perfect bride in a planned and effortless manner. Ready to start! If you are, then we are ready to pitch in and help you!

Quit having that ‘butterfly feel’ in your tummy, and just get prepped up to have fun on your grand day!

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1. Outline:

What theme do you have in mind? Do you have one or have been bombarded with a million suggestions from your family and friends? We’ll get that sorted out for you. Do you like a ballroom style wedding, or a beach party or some exotic wedding ambience? Whatever it is , I suggest you keep three options in mind and have it jotted down on paper.

2. Start Early: 

Hey, you cannot just keep waiting, thinking, listing and lazing off your time? You need to plan ahead, with at least of a minimum of 6 months of time, to get one dress decided and delivered at your doorstep. A wedding gown cannot be bought like how you shop for normal dresses.

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3. Your Body:

Now, all of us have a special body shape and we need to wear something that suits that shape. After all, at the end of the day, it is not the design of the wedding gown that matters alone. It should look good on us too. Isn’t it?

4. Choices are plenty:

The first states outline. Follow the same here. Make a list of the types of dress designs, bridal styles that will suit your body shape. At this point, you can also decide whether you want the conventional white gown, or go for coloured styles. Make sure you and your bride groom, and both the families are happy with you trying new styles. 

5. The Eagle Eye Research:

Yes, this is very important when you want the very best for your wedding. You need to keep your eyes open to all ideas. Do you want to be a Boho bride? Or an English one? The choice is purely yours? Or maybe you are the modern minimalist one? With limitless designs on the internet, you need to sit down, and look through all the possible options. You like sleeveless, or lace or some stonework. Experiment, and find out something that is going to make your dress one of a kind. Yeah, but at the end it should look on you!

6. Comfort level:

Another point of concern is how comfortable you are in that attire. You may have chosen a material and design that is novel, but if it itches, or crumples the moment you walk or sit, then that is going to be a messy affair. Choose material that is neither too hot, or that which will absorb sweat. Plus, if you are getting married during the colder months, then choose something meant for the cold climates.  Does a suave fur coat ring a bell in your mind? 

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7. Realistic designs:

Realistic is part and parcel of this game. Never dress like a super hero and come for the function. Or maybe a bikini. It may stir a talk in the town, but marriage is not a late night bash party- there is a level of maturity and sanctity in it. So, choose decent wear. People of all ages, professions, and cultures may come in- and with you acting weird or rather dressing weird- they should not regret coming for the wedding. Last, you need not be the topic of laughter for the public at such an expense level. Do you agree or not?

8. Tally your budgets:

Money, is money and that is why I reminded you to research. Budget planning is very important. You can be stylish, and still keep a tab on your expense sheet. 

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9. Talk and share:

Share your thoughts with people is a good idea. You never know- when they would pitch in an idea that helps you. But, again- make sure that they can be trusted and they mean good for you. 

10. Window shopping:

Like this idea? It is cost effective and fun? Of course, you won’t find wedding gowns displayed on all boutiques, but still you can check out various colours, necklines, sleeves, designs, materials and so on. This research work will help you come up with your dream dress.

11. Thinking about rentals?:

Marriage is special, but if budgets and time is a huge stress on you- maybe you could consider renting out a dress. It is cheaper and then you don’t have to bother on looking after in for a life time. 

12. Book that appointment quickly:

Just as much as research is needed with selecting the type of dress you want, you need to do your homework on the stylist who can create the magic for you. Book an appointment, so that you can personally talk and understand what they can do for you. Each stylist will have a work pattern and they will guide as to the latest trends and which design would suit you the most.

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13. Compare the wedding dress stylists:

Figure out a couple of stylists who can be reached and contacted when you need. You need to make a comparison sheet of their services, their products, their turn around time, and of course their budget and expertise.

14. The Sample Check:

When you go to the stylist, they will have some ready to wear samples for you to try on. Let me tell you in advance- that sample may not suit your body shape completely. This is because they stitch a free size one- that which can be tried by all. So, don;t get upst. First, try and see what looks good on you.

15. Dress Sketches- A must!:

Well, if that stylist does not have what you have in mind- ask them if they can sketch out your imagination. Some bridal saloons do and if they can help you- wouldn’t that be good?

16. Any special wishes- spill it out!:

Okay, all of us have some personal preferences. For example, I had a friend who wanted pockets in her gown! Funny, but yeah, she needed that. So, if you do have such preferences or anything for that matter- ask them if they can help.

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17. Got someone to back you up?:

You need people who can give that much emotional support always. It is very necessary! They could help around with the other marriage arrangements, and ease the tension within you. After all, what are friends for?

18. Guidance from all corners:

Yep, take all the advice and tips that people can give you. It is not that you take it, but these would include experience stories which will help you on that day. Get talking, ask your doubts, let loose of your fears and get relaxed.

19. Multiple appointments:

One or two appointments with the bridal salon stylist won’t do dear to- be- bride. You need to follow up with each phase of the bridal wear preparation. So, that way, changes can be made if needed, rather than going for alterations last minute. For example, I had a friend, who had to get married one year later. So, during this one year, she shed a few kilos and that does make a difference on the wedding gown.

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20. Photos allowed?:

Not all bridal salons allow the bride and her team to take photos of the sample wedding gown pieces they have. You need to ask this is in advance. If they don’t, then maybe you should have a visual memory of what you saw and what you liked.

21. Don’t forget the underclothes:

Oh yes, most often women pay a lot of attention on the wedding dress. But what about the stuff that sticks on to the most intimate areas of your body? If the right underclothes are not chosen rightly, then will dampen your confidence level. So, if you need bras, and nude set of lingerie, go ahead, discuss with your stylist and buy the appropriate ones. 

22. No kid please!:

Marriage is a time that needs a lot of thought. If you do have kids, try not to bring them along while you decide, or try on the dress at the salon. They will not understand that you need a bit of peace of mind. It is always play time for them! So, instead of breaking into a temper, keep them at your relatives place and select your dress in peace!

23. What’s the footwear?:

No one can leave the footwear aside. But what happens, people think of all this, at the last nick of the hour! That time, the options are not weighed out properly. Instead, make a mental note of what footwear you will wear right from the very beginning.

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24. The accessories need a thought too:

Next, in the picture are the jewellery, watches , veil, and whatever you need to do with your hair. So, make a list of what you need, and do he purchase for that also. If you need custom made jewellery, then that do needs its fair share of research, and budget planning. Plus, it needs to reach your hands, days before the wedding day.

25. How much make up is good for the D-day?:

Make up is a very personal topic, but on marriages, usually, women do not wear a lot of make up. Just nude colours, and nothing too bright. Of course, there is nothing wrong with outstanding make up, but the situation does not call for such provocative make up. But , still if your better half likes it- why not?

26. Try and try again:

One thing you need to keep in mind, is that , if one design does not meet your expectations, go for another one! It is easy, Do not feel anything negative, during this time period. There will be something that suits you- and for that you just need to find it out. A little hard work is needed , but that is worth the trouble!

27. Always use credit cards!:

This is not the conventional advice that people would give, but this is one that you need to keep in mind. Use credit cards to pay the salon. This is because in the situation that they do not give you the final product in time, or if the shop closes out right at the time when you need the product, then you are safe and will get your money back. 

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28. Is it perfect yet?:

Okay, you have got your dress and you have tried it. Still, something is creating that not good feel in you. If the dress is not how you expected it to look, or maybe  it is not very comfortable- please tell the style experts and get it altered. A wedding dress is not a matter of pennies, so get everything clear and perfect!

29. Bride Tribe- trusted comments are invited:

So, every woman needs a bride tribe who can share their opinions, once you try on the dress. It may look odd from another angle. So, get their idea in! Trust them, but make sure they are not making fun because of the jealousy or the ill will they have in mind for you.

30. Don’t Ignore that Gut Feel!:

Last, I would like to conclude by telling that – we all that gut feeling within us. Do not ignore that. If your gut feel shouts that a certain looks good, feel free to tell the stylist to keep it aside for you. The same is when you decide the accessories, dress materials, footwear, and so on.

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Hope these 30 fabulous tips will make that road to getting a proper wedding dress less bumpier. You need to look good on that day, and therefore to avoid the  hitches- keep all of them in mind.