Your wedding is your special day and numerous things to be arranged, do not forget to spend time on your wedding day. 

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Oh yeah, you have to check the guest list, the food, the choir, the men and women to assist you and most crucial is your Bridal Wear.

Choosing that one special wedding dress is always the first and most important concern for every lady.

To choose out of the millions of options that your friends and family give in- is truly a hard and confusing experience. Instead, we suggest that you jot down your idea of a pretty wedding gown.

To make things easier, we have done all the homework. Here are a collection of 22 beautiful and stunning wedding gown and bridal attire for you to look through.

Image Source: IANS

So, if you like the white theme, then go for that; or else, if the coloured gown is in your mind- then we have a collection of pictures showing that too.

Take a look, and we will soon come up with more tips on what to think about while deciding on that Wedding Gown.

So, walk down in aisle, and look your best !