Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese concept and methodology which dwells on making positive use of natural elements so as to enhance the multi faceted prospects of living. Feng Shui has managed to become a part and parcel of man's day to day existence, touching every sphere of his life that is well within his control. The fact is even more relevant from the point of view of the Asian or Oriental culture where the discipline based on certain aesthetic standards has influenced the different prospects of his human existence.

As far Feng Shui for office is concerned, one can make use of the octagonal grid or 'bagua' in case the choice of the plot or construction of the office is well within one's control. In case the mentioned factors are not within one's control; there are ways whereby he can make use of energized vibes by implementing the factors in the interior décor. One of the fundamental guidelines which pertain to the placement of desks insists that the desk at which you function should either face the doorway directly or be diagonally placed. In other words it should not be placed in such a way as to have your backside facing the door. The position is a harmful office Feng Shui making one vulnerable to deceptions and frauds. One should ensure that one is in full view of the main door.

In case you are lucky enough in having a chamber of your own, strengthening the backside wall; the one behind your functional desk with the picture of a mountain can turn out to be an effective idea from the point of view of Feng Shui office.

Secondly, one should avoid exposing oneself to blank or empty walls, even if there is a computer screen between the concerned executive and the wall facing him directly. It is better to face the door way rather than face an empty wall, in case you happen to be one of the leading decision makers. As another alternative, blank wall may be done away with by doing up the same by means of appropriate wall décor or hanging bulletin boards displaying relevant pamphlets and notices. In case the blank wall happens to be its southern sector, the same can be activated by symbolic picture of phoenix depicting far sightedness and intelligence.

Dragon which is supposed to be an excellent source of 'yang' energy can be projected on the eastern side of your official chamber. One may hang wooden picture of this celestial animal, or go for the ones made out of glass or crystal. But it is important not to use those of metallic make as the element destroys the wooden aspect of the eastern side. Use of the same makes for the elevation of energy and vitality.

Likewise the placement of electronic items of metallic make should be limited to the north western area of your office as the guiding element of the mentioned area is metal. Thus telephones, faxes, computer screens and any channels of information and comunication should be preferably located in the mentioned direction.

Apart from the outlined means, doing away with cracked walls, jutting edges, partition on the entrance and avoiding row wise placement of desks are some of the other tips of office Feng Shui.