New year resolutions !! Image Source: Take a look at a few of these tips below.

New year resolutions !!

The year has come to an end and a brand new year has begun. Looking back, do you feel that you could have done so much more. The feeling of not having even done anything big is quite normal. Truth is you have done so many other good things. You just don’t think about it all that often. Degrading yourself is never the answer. Cos what you really need is some self-motivation like literally motivate yourself. Be grateful regarding the blessings, the people you met and most importantly you completed a year in good health. 

Now all you need is to look forward to the things and the pending dreams you need to fulfill during this brand new year. That's right its resolution time. And don’t worry these are some simple activities that I am very sure you can take up. Unlike the jokes you have seen where they show you everything goes well on the first day or the first week until you go back to your previous old ways. Don’t worry you will do fine, you just have to take up something and finish it on that particular day without skipping one. That's all. Take a look at a few of these tips on this New Year Day

Getting up early!

It is hard, we get it. Try this, when you wake up at an early point of the day, try refraining from shutting your eyes back again. Now just slowly get up and sit down, you don’t even have to leave the bed. Make sure you don’t go back to sleep mode again. Now gently lower your feet on the ground and that's it. You have just woken up early.

Make your bed every day!

Strangely this may be a really hard thing to do, but give it a try. Right after you finish the job then and there would be the best time to do it. Simply set the pillow properly, straighten the sheets and simply fold the blanket with four folds and your done. That's all.

Exercise for 30 minutes!

You don’t have to do the more extreme kind of exercises or force yourself to go to the gym for sweaty exhausting kind of workouts. Try doing a couple of simpler exercises but make sure you do it for atleast 30 minutes each day. And as much as possible, don’t try skipping them. 

Fruits each day!

Try having atleast one fruit each day, A fruit of your choice. Slice them so that it doesn’t feel like you have been trying to eat it for too long. Try some of these fruits like an apple, a banana, a pear or an orange. You don’t even have to eat the same fruit everyday. Choose between alternate fruits. Just make sure you eat atleast one fruit each day.

Read a Book each month!

A book, a real book. Select any book of your choice. The more the number of pages the better. Try finishing this one book alone in a month. By the end of the month, you’ll be surprised you even reached the last page of the book that you thought you would never finish in the first place.

A 30-minute walk!

Go for a long stroll outside. Take your phone with you just make sure you don’t use it too much. What would be best is if it is still inside your pocket or bag. Take a look at the world around you. Find joy in looking at things taking place in reality than only looking at things on the phone. In fact, your eyes alone can show you the size of the whole world without having to worry about how much battery you still have left. Look at the people as you go by. Look around to know what happens in the world outside.

Dispose of things you don’t need every 10 days!

You probably have tons of things you don't need. Take the time to discard things that have accumulated and are just lying there all over the place. Start off with bits of crumpled papers or even snack covers. You’ll feel much more peaceful when you’ve gotten rid of things you don’t need. The point is to keep things that you really need. 

Drink plenty of water!!

You all have heard this quite a lot. But ask yourself how often you apply this good habit. You may be drinking water when you're thirsty. Question is but how often do you drink water throughout the day. Drinking plenty of water is really important and make sure you drink not six nor seven but eight glass of water per day. It will do you good trust me. 

Sleep Early!

Make it a habit to go to bed on time. Try sleeping earlier, not only will it help you to wake up early, but you’ll also get a sufficient amount of sleep to be energetic for the next day. Say, if you’re going to bed at 12, try going to this time a little earlier like 11:30. And then follow the 11:30 routine everyday. Let this be your bedtime from here on out.

Call your loved ones!

There have been many people who probably love you more than you love them. Instead of simply picking up their calls and telling you’re fine and everything, try it the other way around. Try calling them from time to time. Ask them how they are and what they’re doing at the moment. It just might make their day. Let them know how much they mean to you as well. 

Be more Positive!!

Regardless of how life presents itself to you, remember that even bad things come to an end. Try to see the positive aspect behind every bad scenario. Be more optimistic in your thoughts and your words. Try to uplift people with some of your positivity It will do others a lot of good too. Just make sure you still remain positive at the end of the day.

Practice deep breathing exercises every day!!

Make it a habit to take up deep breathing exercises every day. Not only will it help you decrease your stress levels but can help your bodily functions on the whole. These include your respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous and your digestive system. Furthermore, it can help improve your mental state like your ability to learn, focus, memorize and even clear all your anxiety issues. Even better it will help you look much younger. 

Learn a new skill !!

This year try taking up a new kind of skill or hobby. It may be hard at first but try to enjoy the learning experience. Try browsing through video tutorials online if you feel this is what is convenient for you at the moment. Or try hiring someone if you really want to master the skill. At the end of the year, you ‘ll be amazed at how you progressed to a whole new level. Patience and determination that is the key.