What’s special about Cuddle Up Day?

This is one cute day that is celebrated on January 6th every year. Ever wondered why this day came in history and what is its significance in our life?

Cuddle Up day Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/@nappy

To tell you the truth- there is nothing substantial about this day- but – the fact is that- this is more like a day when you can get cozy with your loved ones, and even improve on those relations that need a lil push and a spark to create warmth and love in your life.

Do you know the history of the Lovely Cuddle Up Day?

 Some facts that could your smiles are as listed below:

  • This day was created in one of the coldest times of the year! 
  • So, is there anything better to do than cuddle up? Cuddle, staying warm, drinking hot chocolate seemed liked the best options then and even now!
  • There is no special event as such on this day- except that you take a well deserved rest and relax mode in your homes or maybe in the company of people who make you feel good.
  • It is supposed to be a worldwide event, but is more famous in the coldest of places around the world. Feel cold? Just cuddle and stay warm!

What if you don’t have anyone to cuddle?

Hey, a very possible question in today’s techy buzz world. We have many friends, but they mostly lie across the screen of your smartphones, or tablets or whatever gizmo gadget you have in hand!

But for the Cuddle Up day- you need the real human touch- and the real feel of being loved and also to love. If you do not get that- you can’t force that from anyone, can you?

Instead- embrace and love your pets. Whatever be the pet- they give you so much love- more than you can imagine.

If you have a doggie- or even a couple of dogs at home, spend time with them. Trust me, they are the epitomes of speechless love!

They will be by your side and  sometimes they surpass the human touch!

Does that cuddle have any benefits?

Of course, the first benefit goes without saying and that would be mental harmony, companionship and so on.

These were things that people experienced and maybe this could be a reason why this day got so popularised!

What can you do on #CuddleUpDay?

Now, cuddling basically does not need a plan of action, but if you are doubtful- let’s get those thoughts on track!

  • First- get clean linen, bedsheets, socks, blankets!
  • Make some fresh hot chocolate, hot coffee or any drink that you love!
  • Take some books and stock them by your bedside.
  • Invite your family or friends. Not many, just 1- 5 are more than enough.
  • Ensure that they are with you to spend a quite and peaceful time at home. No debating, no fighting, and all those messy talks can be put in the bin for this day!
  • Love music? Then get your favourite collection of music titles ready. Make sure that they are not the heavy metallic beats – just soothing, calm music.
  • Once all this is ready, all of you can climb into your beds, or couches, or sofa sets, sip on something, read a book, listen to music and basically cuddle up!
  • Stay close together and keep warm. 
  • Now, if you are alone- like I mentioned before- get your pet too !
  • Or else- just get cozy in your own sofa set and keep warm!
  • Appreciate the mental peace this day gives you. No negative thoughts should float above you on this day.
  • All the best cuddling and loving yourself and all around you!

If you are wondering what are the benefits of cuddling- it is time you take a look on that too here!