There is something more divine in this day than the three day pathway to reaching Easter. It signifies the power and holiness of Jesus Christ and His Role in the lives of the present mankind.

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A day that brings back nostalgic memories of the past- Maundy Thursday

It is one day when you will millions of Christians celebrating all over the world and this is very much linked to the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. Along with him, sat his 12 disciples and they dined together.

Amongst the teaching of Jesus Christ, he taught his disciples to love all people alike and also wash their feet and hands and all this was mentioned during the Last Supper.

Maundy Thursday is important because it marks the beginning of the 3 days time period just before the Easter preparations. In many parts of the world, it is also called as Holy Thursday or Sheer Thursday or Covenant Thursday and even The Thursday of Mysteries.

Why call it Maundy Thursday?

In Latin, there was a word named ‘mandatum and this word meant command.

According to the experts, they reveal that Jesus commanded his disciples to love and have amicable relations with one another and this was a very important teaching undertaken during the Last Supper.  

Do you know how UK celebrates Maundy Thursday?

For the special function, the service will be conducted at the Leicester Cathedral along with the Duke of Edinburgh. According to the age of the Queen, the Royal Maundy will be given to that many women and men. So, this time if the Queen is 91 years of age, then Maundy will be given to 91 men and 91 women.

All these men and women will be old people- in particular the senior citizens of the local community and also the church.

Tradition that follow in:

  • Around the 13th century, there was a custom that money will be given to the poor and even their feet will be washed after the church service on Maundy Thursday.
  • This tradition has been brought to an end for now.
  • In the modern era, there has been a few changes to this age old system. 
  • Now the Queen gives alms to the senior citizens of their church and the custom of washing feet has been completely stopped. At present, she gives a white and red purse to each of the senior citizens.
  • The white purse will contain the Royal Maundy – the amount of money in that will match the age of the Queen. The red purse will contain 5 pounds and also 50p will be given to honour Sir Issac Newton.
  • Now this tradition can be witnessed in many churches like the Eastern Catholic Church, Roman Catholic Church, Armenian Church and also certain Anglican churches.
  • Plus this day is a declared public holiday in most parts of the world.

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Facts you did not know about the Last Supper Painting

Not by choice

DaVinci never wanted to paint this picture but was done at the order of the Duke of Milan.

Where did Jesus feet go?

The original painting showed the feet of Jesus Christ. But somewhere down the line- the feet disappeared and instead the space had been filled in with an old doorway.

Painting: A failure indeed

In the past, wet plaster painting was done, but for some reason he chose to do dry plaster painting. This looked much better than wet plaster finish, but did not last for long. So, in a span of 150 years or so- this was completely destroyed.

What was served in the painting?

We all must have thought that it just had bread and some wine. Well, that was one part of it. After a lot of study, it was found that even a platter of cooked and sliced eel garnished with oranges were served.

Damaged by Napoleon troops

The mural painting was taken over the Napoleon army in 1796. The room where this painting was hung was used as a stable for their soldiers. Though Napoleon instructed that the painting should not be destroyed, the troops never cared and years later – after a flood , they had found the painting to be covered with mould.

Too large to contain

This painting is much bigger than what you ever think of. It is 15 by 29 feet and covered a surface area of 40 sq.mts. Probably due its size, it seems that no other paintings were kept in that room.

Last Super never seems to finish

Da Vinci took almost three years to finish the painting and this was because he was always distracted while completing the panting.

Well, seems that the stories say a lot about history – much more than what we would have ever thought about. Read and educate yourself to know the real magical moment of Maundy Thursday.