Rewind your thoughts to the olden days, when India was less on funds, but had soldiers with huge hearts. They worked in unison to ensure that their Indian brothers and sisters were safe.

Soldiers during Vijay Diwas celebrations at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, India Gate in New Delhi, on Dec 15, 2014. Image Source: IANS

Vijay Diwas Celebrations

The Indian Soldiers fought hard during the Indo- Pakistan War of 1971, and gained one of the well earned victories in Indian history. 

India had defeated Pakistan and we as Indians celebrate the Vijay Diwas on 16th December,1971.

Looking back, 47 years before- this was a day when Indian soldiers saw the face of the death and still kept moving to gain victory from the treacherous hands of Pakistan.

Victory Day 

Not only did India celebrate Vijay Diwas on this day; but this is the same day that Bangladesh got her Independence as well. So in Bangladesh, this is known as Victory Day of Bangladesh.

It is also called as Bijoy Dibosh in Bengali. 

The struggle began from March 1971, but with the timely intervention of India , today Bangladesh is a territory of its own.

A Touching and Famous Vijay Diwas Quote:

You have never lived until; You have almost died; And for those who choose to fight; Life has a special flavor, The protected will never know  -Capt R Subramanium Kirti Chakra (Posth)

Do you want to know what actually happened on the war field?

  • On 16th December 1971, the Pakistani forces surrendered to the Indian army and that ended the massive war between India.
  • This was the same day that Bangladesh gained liberation from Pakistan.
  • Actually, the war initially started off in March 1971, but the fights did not go in full force. 
  • The whole place turned into a war field on December 3rd, 1971. On this day, Pakistan cunningly attacked eleven airfields of India. 
  • This took the Indian Forces by surprise and they decided to teach Pakistan a good lesson.
  • So, from December 3rd, Indian fought with Pakistan and this war ended only on December 16h.
  • They used their forces to attack specific areas of the Western and Eastern areas of Pakistan.
  • What we need to admire about the Indian forces was that: They charged back at the sudden assault immediately.
  • The sudden attacks never left the Indian soldiers confused, but all the Army, Navy and the Airforce, joined hands to attack the Pakistani forces in the fastest and best way possible.
  • But all these wars were triggered by a ruthless beginning and that was a massive genocide committed by the Pakistani Forces on helpless Indians.

Who were most affected?

  • The villain was a famous man of Pakistan and you all may have heard about him.
  • He was General Tikka Khan- a four star rank army general within the Army of Pakistan.
  • In India, he was infamously nicknamed as the ‘Butcher of Bengal’
  • Personally, I think he was another form of Nazi. So insane, and inhuman as can be!
  • During the time of the war, a lot of Indian refugees were displaced in Pakistan.
  • He had placed orders to kill, rape, torture and cause conflicts on these refugees. Almost nine million refugees suffered due to this act.
  • People started running back to safety and took help within India. 
  • But the widespread genocide continued and he ws responsible for the thousands of people who died under his acts.
  • At that time, Indira Gandhi, who was the PM of India, gave refuge to the Indians who came back, and simultaneously, planned out schemes to put an end to their atrocity.
  • So, when the pre-emptive air strikes were started off by Pakistan, India chose that as the right moment to strike back.

Where did Pakistan surrender?

Well, old reports reveal hat the Pakistani forces put an end to their efforts and surrendered to India when they were fighting in Bangladesh.

Message for India

This was a war that was created on the basis on the basis of religion. The Muslim against the Hindu.  But at this phase, we need to give a huge applause to Indira Gandhi- who took the responsibility on herself to protect refugees and this was purely on moral grounds.

The Indian forces planned within the problems that were hurled at Her by Pakistan.

Today, in modern India, our political world still cause problems to the people on the basis of religion.

If you have freedom today, it is because a lot of Indian soldiers have died for us. They kept, caste, creed, religion and gender aside to save Indians.

Take good examples from our Indian forces and teach the Youth of India to live in dignity.