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  • hai friends...

      friends should be like two zeroes...
      when you try to add they are the same...
      when you subtract they are again same...
      whee you try to divide its just "impossible"

    • Dont expect anything

        Dont expect anything from life,
        expectations hurt.
        When you dont expect,
        every moment is a surprise &
        Every surprise brings happiness.
        take care

      • My lIfe for U

          Oraale VedanippikkanumVeruppikkanum Aarkum Kazhiyum.ButVedanikkunna HridhayathilSneham Kondu Sparshikkan Oralke Kazhiyoo..That is sweet friend always.
          For friendship Rimshad 9567374358

        • THE TRUE LIFE

            Don't explain about you to any one...

            becoz..... The person who loves you doesn't want that......

            The person who hates you doesn't believe that.........

            This is real life........

          • kanjhi polotha frindship

              Wife is a
              Is very Tasty.
              Lover is a
              Very hot & Spicy.
              FRIENDSHIP is a “KANJI”
              No taste but…
              GooD for health..

              by basi ambro

            • Friends Forever :-)

                "Everyone is not my Friend but, My Friends Are not just like Everyone"...!!!

              • for frndship

                  FrndshIp is The onLy thinG that laSt tiLl oUr DeaTh.....So loVe EacH oTher....cAre Each other...

                  love U frNdz

                • Those old school days

                    I used To hate mondays.
                    I never liked to go to school on mondays,But where iam with my friends I used to forget that days was monday
                    "Those old school days"by rahees muthu

                  • My Mango Friend

                      U ar my Heart Friend..somtimes U ar my world.. My sweet Friend always..i m with u!!!

                    • jinu 8089358971

                        Frndshp is not a big fire which burns all day of life. It is a small lamp that burns till the last day of life. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.

                      • happy friendship day

                          :-)HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY:-)
                          They Love You!
                          They Are Not Your Lover!
                          They Care For You!
                          They Are Not From Your Family!
                          They Are Ready To Share Your Pain!
                          They Are Not In Your Blood Relation!
                          They Are...
                          True Friends Scolds Like a Dad!
                          Cares Like a Mom!
                          Teases Like a Sister!
                          Irritates Like a Brother!
                          Finally Loves You More Than a Lover!!
                          THANK YOU FOR CONSIDER ME AS A FRIEND!:-)

                        • For friendship .. njan thanichanu ene snehikan arumila

                            Smile:-Value for "Face"..,Love:-Value for "Heart"..,Respect:-Value for "Behavior"..,Study:-Value for "Future"..,FRIENDSHIP:- Value for "LIFE"!advance "HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY"2 aLl oF U ...

                          • Thank you friends

                              One day i may die without saying good bye to you
                              But i will never forget to say thank you.
                              Becouse you hold the most lovelist part in my life

                            • whAtsapp Undo ? 9567374358

                                Cellphone Using Is Very Dangerous
                                It Damages The Brain.
                                You Are So Lucky,
                                No Brain.! ;-)
                                No Damage.!
                                No Problem.!

                              • b l a c k r o s e

                                  i m nt ur heart, but i miss u.
                                  I m nt ur family, bt i care 4 u..
                                  I m nt ur blood relation, bt i m ready to share ur pain... Bcz i m ur stupid frnd.

                                • for all friends

                                    A beautiful frndship once formed remains 4 life..
                                    V may b far frm each other,
                                    but msgs r like bridges 2 make us feel that always remembered.

                                  • to uuuuuuu

                                      Excellent line of True frndshp..:-)
                                      "When my dear frnd apologise with sorry to me,

                                      I found that the mistake was mine..!!"

                                    • my friendship

                                        my friendship is not a moon,not a sun,not a star bcoz they all disappear sometimes and my friendship is like sky which will always be watching u...........

                                      • thangum tanalum

                                          Lifeil 8 karayangal pradhanamanu.
                                          1.Good attitude
                                          2.Hard work
                                          5.Good friends
                                          8.Ethelam paranju tharan ee njanum.

                                          by basi.
                                          9846687266 whtspp

                                        • akalukayoa?...

                                            aathmaarthamaaya sneaham kadalum thiramalayum poaleyaanu...ava adukkukayum akalukayum cheyyunnu...pakshea ava ellaam marannu vear piriyaathey nilkkunnu...nammmudea bandhnjalum ethupole piriyaathirikkattea....

                                            Wtz app
                                            aZif 999 5 62 62 14

                                          • "Person who likes u more

                                              Cute feel:
                                              "Person who likes u more
                                              will always fight with u.Its not that they started hating u.Its because always they wants ur affection

                                            • Friendship is Sweet

                                                No word is as Beautiful as Friend...
                                                No friend is as Wounderful as You...
                                                Friendship is Sweet when its New...
                                                Its Sweeter when its True...
                                                Its Sweetest when its

                                              • friendsss 4 ever

                                                  one day you will ask me what's more important 2 me,you or my life?
                                                  i will say my life & you will leave me without realizing that you are my life.:]
                                                  miss u my dear friendzzzz love u alllllll

                                                • a friend says,,,.....

                                                    A Friend says,
                                                    " I Will be with you in all your troubles ".....But a Best Friend says,
                                                    " You will have no troubles when I'am with You ".

                                                  • missing some one

                                                      Relations walk lightly into our life & slowly into our heart. At first, we never care who they are, Later, without them we don't know who we are.So don't break the relationship without any reasons.

                                                    • True Loving Frnds

                                                        A true loving Friend may
                                                        not talk with u everyday!
                                                        May not meet u every time!
                                                        Always thinks about u & your happiness.!

                                                      • Again New trendz will Rises

                                                          ωнєη тяєη∂z αяє яσcкιηg ωє
                                                          ∂ση"т вσтнєя αвσυт тнαт..
                                                          вєcαυѕє, ωє нανє συя σωη

                                                        • Friendzzz 4 ever

                                                            Hredayam swandamakkunna kamukiyeakkaal enikkishtam chodichal hredayam parichu tharunna ende koottukaareyaane

                                                          • 9567350053

                                                              'R' = for Rose
                                                              Rose = for Red
                                                              Red = for Blood
                                                              Blood = for Heart
                                                              Heart = for Love
                                                              Love = for You
                                                              You = are my lovable friend

                                                            • my loveli frend

                                                                Dukkagal niranja jeevidattil punchiri tarunna oru bantha maanu frend ship

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