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  • feel my LOVE Whatsapp number 97 45 65 73 32

      വിട്ട് പോവാൻ നീ വാശി കാണിച്ചപ്പോൾ
      വിട്ട് തരാൻ മടിച്ചതാവും എന്റെ ജീവിതത്തിൽ ഞാൻ ചെയ്ത ഏറ്റവും വലിയ തെറ്റ് ...

    • Love it when you have

        “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle

      • Good Night

          God's plan is always best...
          Sometimes the process is painful and hard...
          But don't forget that when God is silent, He's doing something greater for you...

          Issac Mathew Achen

        • Adorable !!

            You look so adorable in ethnics..
            I wish I had my SLR to take your pics..

          • chavittupadi

              ജീവിത്തിലെ ഏറ്റവും നല്ലതും ക്രൂരവുമായ പ്രതികാരം മൗനമാണ്...
              ഒപ്പം വിജയത്തിലേക്കുള ചവിട്ടുപടിയും..

            • Have a nice day..

                Talent is the Key to success, but one has to find the door himself.

              • keep smiling 9400925348

                  smile is a gently curved line that can set a lot of thing straight keep smiling
                  love u

                • ek khubsurat khushi

                    yeh zindagi hai toh chahe jitni sahi lekin apni chah iss zindagi mei puri jrur krna.ek bchpan se lekr dosti pahunchti hai voh khubsurat dosto k sath bitaye pal usk baad ensb se httkr ek zindagi mei dost aata khi na khi ek sahi waqt pr bhagwan ji usko hmare pas bejte hai taki hmari khushi har chij mei kaym rhe har kaam mei dikhe voh ek ldka bnk dost aaya or aate hi khushi hmse aur judh gyi kuch dost chute toh nye mile par voh ldka shyad zindagi bhar k liye apka bnna chahta hai apki khushi k sath rehna chahta toh dosto relationship ko hmesha apne nzar se ache dost ki trah nibhayo yeh khi suni baato unlogo par choddo apne thoughts pyar kamm har chij ko khudh hi behtar bnayo

                  • Happy Birthday....

                      On this special day, I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY WALA BIRTHDAY!!!!

                    • Happy Onam

                        May god bless you
                        the colour & lights of onam
                        fill your home with happiness and joy.
                        have a happy onam.

                      • Happy Onam

                          May the festival bring in abundant happiness to you and around.

                        • love and sad

                            I am strong because I
                            know My weaknesses
                            I am beautiful
                            because I am aware
                            of my flaws
                            I am fearless
                            because I learnt to
                            recognise, illusion
                            from real
                            I am wise
                            because I learn from
                            my mistakes
                            I am lover
                            because I have felt
                            and I can laugh
                            Because I have known

                          • Trustting is imprnt

                              First we trust the wrong one and when
                              the right one comes we just stop

                            • story behind hello

                                When u lift the phone u say hello...?
                                Why hello only?
                                Hello means
                                Do u know The real meaning of hello
                                It is the name of a girl...!
                                Do u know who is that girl?
                                "Margaret hello"
                                She was the girlfriend of Graham Bell who invented telephone...
                                Graham Bell's 1st
                                Word on his phone after invention is HELLO
                                the practice of starting the call with HELLO. still continues
                                One can forget the name of Graham Bell but not his girlfriend, that true mans love

                              • Ananditha Krishna

                                  Being too nice gets you used and being too mean pushes people away. You should be nice but you should also put your foot down if you have to.

                                • maaa Feeelings for u

                                    no words powerful to show my loveThere Are No Words Powerful Enough To Show My Feelings For You, But Trust Me,...

                                  • my feelings get stroger

                                      As days go by, my feelings get strongerAs days go by, my feelings get stronger, to be in ur arms, I can't..

                                    • It feelings are trueeee

                                        If feelings are trueDistance never separates any relation & Time never build any relation. If Feelings are True...

                                      • Your words of ,dream

                                          Your words of love steal
                                          someone's heart,
                                          but you don't know that your
                                          heart is already stolen by me,
                                          check it!

                                        • First marriage

                                            First marriage is the triumph of
                                            imagination over intelligence.
                                            Second marriage is the
                                            triumph of hope over experience

                                          • avasanamayi onn...

                                              Ilakal Thammil
                                              Thodumennu Pedichu
                                              Naam Akatti Natta
                                              Bhoomikadiyil Verukal Kondu
                                              Yathartha Snehathe Aarkum Akattan

                                              rishu +97433746805

                                            • For uuuuuuuuuuuu

                                                + '____//\\____'+*
                                                '*\\ G O O D //*'
                                                +//N I G H T\\'+'
                                                + ....
                                                HAVE A SWEET DREAMS.

                                              • Good morning

                                                  , ; *"*; ,
                                                  *; , G, ; *
                                                  , ; *"*; ,
                                                  *; , O, ; *
                                                  , ; *"*; ,
                                                  *; , O, ; *
                                                  , ; *"*; ,
                                                  *; , D, ; *
                                                  , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *"; , ; *; ,
                                                  *, ¤ evening. ¤, *
                                                  __)(_I _)(_ I_ _)(__

                                                • B.E Gril Oru Sms Or Oru Requst Send 9567374358

                                                    Degrees Of Girls!

                                                    B.A.-Beautiful Angel
                                                    B.E.-Beautiful Eyes
                                                    B.Sc.-Beautiful Structure
                                                    B.Com-Beautiful Communication
                                                    M.B.A.-Married But Awesome!

                                                  • b l a c k r o s e

                                                      life is abt the small moments we live daily. The more we enjoy life the more life gives us the reason to enjoy.

                                                    • u know that

                                                        Once u Care
                                                        For A Person.,

                                                        You Will Always Do The Same.,

                                                        Because Whats In your Mind May Change,

                                                        But, Whats In your Heart ll Remain 4evr

                                                      • pazt is u r teacher

                                                          BILL GATES iN a Restaurant..
                                                          he gav 5$ to the waiter as a tip
                                                          The waiter had a strange feeling
                                                          his face after the tip:(
                                                          Gates realizd & asked.Wat
                                                          hapened ??
                                                          Waiter: I'm jst amazed Bcoz on
                                                          the same table ur daughter gave Tip
                                                          Of 500$
                                                          & u her Father, richest man in
                                                          world Only Gave 5$
                                                          Gates Replied:
                                                          "She's daughter of the world's
                                                          richest man, but
                                                          i m the son of a wood cutter."
                                                          (Past is ur best teacher)
                                                          4 frndshp,

                                                        • Nothing Is Impossible

                                                            Iam the bst in the world....
                                                            World says to me....
                                                            I wanted to beat u....
                                                            And iam replied to the world...
                                                            You wanted to beat mee..? Yes It will
                                                            happen., but,.. At the tym of my failing this wrld will be

                                                          • Missing you

                                                              You may be away but I'm sure.... Even when were far apart distance can never change the LOVE of a parent in my heart, thinking of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                            • True Valentine

                                                                Life is not a road of rose
                                                                It's throne
                                                                But it can be made miracle
                                                                With a true valentine