You all must have heard the old famous song from Mary Poppins, A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. That song brings back sweet memories from good ol days. In contrast to that, today all we hear from the medical experts is that, Watch the amount of sugar you take. And if you are diabetic or even on the borderline of the killer disease Diabetes - then probably you may have to to use Sugar free sugar for your daily diet.

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Below is a list of queer facts about diabetes that are absolutely true, yet hard to believe. Oh, and these are not created out of blue, but is a clear list scientific research findings that have been brought to light.

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The air we breathe could be a reason?

We mostly associate diabetes with that extra dollop of sugary delight that we love. But research says that there are other reasons.  Our lifestyle is one reason and that invariably includes air pollution. During research, they pointed out that poorer countries like Afghanistan, New Guinea and high levels of air pollution and there were many cases of diabetic patients. At the same time, countries with higher living standards, and less air pollution like France and Iceland reported very few cases of Diabetes.

Does it make sense?

Studies show that excessive air pollutants that enter the bloodstream will reduce the level of insulin production and consequently cause inflammations. That hinders the body from converting the blood glucose to energy that aids the body to survive.

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Sugar Free or No?

Though in recent times, a lot of importance has been given to sugar free sugar, drinks, and so on- does it really help?

A recent research done showed that when a person who drinks regular soda, suddenly consumes diet soda- will show signs of moving into issues like diabetes and obesity. It is because when organic sugar is consumed in moderation, the body identifies it and breaks it down. But when artificial sugars are consumed, it seems to create a negative metabolism in the body and this builds fat and excessive sugar in the body.

Got a solution?

Researchers feel the more natural products you have ‘in moderation’, the better for your body.

Type 2 Diabetes develops 20 years prior diagnosis.

One of the latest Japanese studies show that though the body does not show signs and symptoms of diabetes, it does not mean that the human body is free of that. They call it as the Prediabetic Stage. It has been noticed that if the body shows higher BMI, disrupted insulin sensitivity, and a spiek in fasting glucose- then there are chances that the person will suffer from diabetes abou 10 years from that test.

Any advice?

Yes! It is best to do the medical check-up. Find out your medical position and then switch to wholesome diets to control the occurrence of diabetes.

Surgeries are no more a scare!

Don't believe? Well, at the Brigham and Women's Hospital , doctors found that the gastro intestinal tract is one area of the human body that is constantly attacked by diseases. This needs medical intervention, but in the case of diabetic patients, it is quite difficult to perform a surgery on diabetic patients. For this a pill was created. The patient consumes the pill before food, it opens and forms a coating on the inner lining of the gut. Once the person eats food, in normal cases- the glucose levels rise quickly. With this pill, it keeps the blood glucose under control and slowly dissipates from the body after a couple of hours.

Is it beneficial?

The research team hopes this will keep diabetes under check and is a safe alternative for those who are about to head into the room for surgery.

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The Meaty Connection

These findings have come up on the basis of a study that were done in Singapore based on their food lifestyles. It was found that Singaporeans who ate more of red meat were more prone to diabetes. The counterparts who enjoyed chicken and even fish or shell fish varieties- seemed to more healthier. The findings showed the heme iron in red meat was responsible for this problem. It does mean that Heme iron is bad, but in excess, it will cause diabetes.

What is the take home message?

The experts advise that a person does not have to completely avoid red meat. But in fact, they can reduce it. In chicken, they can enjoy breast portions instead of the thighs. If people include more of fish and plant based foods in their diet,the cases of diabetes will be reduced.

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Oh, Diabetes means short lives!

Yeah, it is true! As per the research in China , if a person is found to have diabetes in around he middle age, then it indicated that the life span of the person would greatly reduce. This was mroe visible in the lower income groups than the higher income groups. 

What could be the reason for this?

During the entire span of research, they found that those people who suffer from diabetes tend to suffer from other diseases at later points of life. This would include skin infections, liver disease, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and heart strokes.

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Bring An End

There you go! These are 6 splendid researches that have been done over the recent years to understand what is diabetes and how far can it affect our body. But this is not it, as we will keep updating with more of such researches.

Word of Note: Use Sweetness to a level that is just needed, nothing more, nothing less and of course nothing artificial.