We know your love for vegetables and so have created a special section just to showcase the different varieties of recipes that can be prepared from vegetables. They are natural, made from scratch and plus you can choose at what time you would like go in for a bite! Choose from our collection of vegetarian recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch and snack recipes. All are meant for all ages and so happy cooking!

Popular Vegetarian Recipes

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Methi Paratha ( Fenugreek Stuffed Paratha ) Dhaba Style Methi Paratha is a flat bread that is stuffed with finely chopped fenugreek leaves. This is a flavourful healthy Indian breakfast item mad
Easy Pizza Recipe In Minutes| Tawa Pizza With No Oven Who says you need to go to the fast food centers to enjoy a pizza? No one! If you love pizzas, then take time to prepare this simple and easy pizza re
50-50 Biscuit Sandwich Bites Got a tea party round the corner? Well, these biscuit starters will save your day! They are quick to make and all kids and adults will love it alike.
Birds Nest ( Potato Vermicelli Cutlet ) Try making these cute bird nests for any kiddie party and children will love it! They are completely vegetarian, easy to make and looks attractive too
Idli 65 Got leftover idli? And if you have a handful of unexpected guests, then we know the panic that strikes every cook! If you have about 4-5 leftover idli
Easy Pasta Recipe| Creamy Garlicky Mushroom Pasta| Healthy Tasty Mushroom Pasta Recipe Is comfort food on your cards? Then, try this creamy mushroom penne dish. Adults and kid will love this recipe. In just 30 minutes, you can have a bow
Soy Chunks Biryani Craving for a biriyani now? Why don't you go for the exciting version of Vegetarian biryani? The main star of this recipe are the Soy Chunks! These ar
Instant Noodles Pakora | Masala Maggi| Yipee A great recipe to fix those hunger pangs on cold, rainy days! Plus, these are all basic ingredients that you use daily. If you have a packet of any in
Instant Ragi Dosa A super easy recipe that can be put together for breakfast in less than 30 minutes. Above all, Ragi is a source of fiber and helps lower cholesterol t
Chapathi Upma Recipe Bored of the normal rava upma? Then for a change, why don’t you try this chapathi upma? It has quite a few benefits- it contains a whole load of nut
Mint Coriander Chutney A truly refreshing chutney that can be enjoyed with pakodas, fries, kebabs, meat or veg rolls and even acts as a great fat free spread for your bread
Simple Dosa Batter Love Dosas?Today we are going to help you make dosa batter. A well prepared Dosa Batter is key for thin and crispy Dosa,its taste and texture
Rava Pongal/ Sooji Pongal Rava Pongal is another specialty of Tamil Nadu. It is prepared during the festival of Pongal and is a savory dish that you can have for breakfast, or
Sweet Pongal / Sakkarai Pongal Recipe This is sweet rice pudding that is made in Tamil Nadu during the Pongal festival. It is even offered as prasad (sweet offering to the God) during Pong
Traditional Pongal Sambar / Pasi Paruppu Sambar In Tamil Make this Pongal festival much more enjoyable and healthier with this Pongal Sambar. It is unique in taste and texture from the conventional sambar. A
Venn Pongal/ Khara Pongal Restaurant Style A dish that defines the auspicious nature of South India. It is nutritious and very easy to make. This is one lightly spiced rice and dal dish made du
Tomato Cucumber Sandwich If you plan to go on a trip or picnic, the first thing that comes to the mind is food that is healthy and easy to prepare. What can be better than the
Cheese Garlic Bread This delicious toast made with cheese and coriander leaves is a simple recipe for breakfast or evening snack. This sandwich packs a whole lot of savor

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