Beverage Recipes

Quench your thirst, have a nutrition packed drink or even some cocktail drinks to add spice to the party atmosphere. Liquids are necessary as they help build the moisture in the body. Be it a cold coffee, or a thandai or a fruit punch- it is all good for you. And that is what we love to share- a large variety of fruit , non fruit, non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Popular Beverage Recipes

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Indian Cherry Wine In India, the cherries a bit more sour. So, if you can get hold of fresh and sweet cherries, that would be the best. Choose cherries that are firm and
Rose Petal Wine Rose petals have a soothing aroma. This wine will have a delicate, flowery flavor with a slight tangy touch. The final drink will have a pale pink spa
Orange Slushie This yummy tangy cooler drink called Orange Slushie is prepared of orange juice, milk and ice. This is one drink that you can prepare at any time of t
Zesty Summer Drink This drink is an excellent appetizer as the ginger helps build a good appetite. It aids digestion and also boosts immunity. The orange and lemon add f
Winter Carrot Juice Carrots are a rich source of Vitamin A. We've all heard of the benefits of carrots for your eyes, hair and even skin. This drink is an immunity booste
Peanut Butter Milkshake Milkshakes are a hit in every home with little kids. It easily satisfies their sweet tooth. This milkshake recipe is a fusion of two of the all time f
Lemon Mint Cooler This refreshing summer cooler is a treat after a hard day's workout or just to beat the sweltering summer heat. The lemon and mint essence is a great
Ginger, Coriander And Cucumber Juice This is an antioxidant rich drink. It’s light on the tummy and will supply your daily dose of dietary fibre. Very rejuvenating and good for all ages
Apple Banana Milkshake The apple banana milkshake is a perfect thirst quencher and one of the favorite milkshakes during summer. Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, the milksha
Mint Lassi This lightly flavored mint lassi is a refreshing drink. Mint and yogurt's natural power to act as coolants both against high temperatures outside and
Fresh Lime Soda What's better than a chilled glass of fresh lime soda to beat the heat. It is easily available in the shops and is an energy booster.
Orange Spice Blast This is a lightly spiced fruity drink that is rich in vitamin C, A, and contains a lot of dietary fibers. Have a glass of this drink before going for
Cookies And Cream Milkshake When you need an easy dessert or a fast party treat, you can try the cookies and cream milkshake. The combined flavors are delicious and moreover, kid
Orange And Basil Juice The revitalizing drink is a perfect treat to beat the scorching heat. Basil is a herbal component and possess many antioxidant properties for the cure
Zinger Juice This drink is an excellent appetizer as the ginger helps build a good appetite. It aids digestion and also boosts immunity. The carrots and apples are

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