Lemon Mint Cooler
Drinks | Health
Recipe Servings : 2
Preparation Time : 5 Minutes
Cuisine : All

This refreshing summer cooler is a treat after a hard day's workout or just to beat the sweltering summer heat. The lemon and mint essence is a great way to a cleanse your body from toxins and what more, it's easy to make.


How to Make Lemon Mint Cooler

1. Add mint leaves, half of the ice in a blender and blend well to a form a fine mixture.

2. In a jug, add lemon juice and powdered sugar.

3. Pour the mint mixture from the blender and add it to the jug.

4. Mix well and add soda.

5. In a tall glass, add remaining crushed ice.

6. Add the prepared juice. Check for sweetness.

7. Garnish it with mint leaves, lemon and serve immediately.


You can replace lime with lemons or oranges also.

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