Rice Recipes

You can enjoy a lot of rice recipes from biriyanis, pulaos, and so much more here.

Popular Rice Recipes

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Jeera Rice Craving for rice? If you are a beginner in rice preparations, then this should be your first pick! This is a flavorful rice that is easy to make and u
Matar Pulao ( Peas Pulao) A great healthy recipe that is a good choice of vegetarians. You can use fresh or frozen or even dried peas in the recipe. Also, add dry nuts like alm
Soy Chunks Biryani Craving for a biriyani now? Why don't you go for the exciting version of Vegetarian biryani? The main star of this recipe are the Soy Chunks! These ar
Lemon Rice Recipe If you love your rice dishes, then this is a must try rice dish. It can be prepared in under 30 minutes. Plus, it is all lemony and ready to enjoyed w

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